Ecotourism Combined with Ecofarming

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Innovative venture that looks at ecotourism in India. Looks at creating awareness of the environment and has been created entirely using eco-friendly material.

It will be supported by all eco farming and eco husbandry activities.

It looks at an initiative that supports local customs and uplifts the rural economy.

The project as conceived is in its final stages and requires resources to bring the project to its completion phase.

Funding is required to market the project so that it is able to reach its vision of inclusive rural development.

It gives the investor an opportunity to be part of an eco-supportive rural venture and at the same time benefit financially from the same.

The investment in the land and nearly 75 % of the development costs have already been incurred.

With good marketing and promoting of the venture the investor can regain his investment in four short years.

This project has many eco-friendly applications:
1. It is reduces the carbon foot prinits by supporting all eco friendly activities
2. It supports rural/tribal economy
3. It creates women employment opprtunities
4. It supports organic farming

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