Educational Tourism with Annual Growth of 15%

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

To provide all facilities for Educational tourism, which has an annual growth of about 15% on year and with tremendous growth of the Upper Middle Class and Parents trying to give the best to their children and also the Education Institution turning to a more Practical means of Education the field has a tremendous growth.

Educational Tourism means combination of pleasure trips and education for example a visit to a historical place, factory, science centre, aquarium, etc. along with a visit to water park, amusement park, waterfall, picnic spots, etc. The work involves getting proper permission for the same, transport arrangement, food arrangement, caretaker arrangement, proper escorts etc.

In house facilities like having own transport arrangement, team of people; proper communication system under one management goes a long way in increasing the SERVICE QUALITY and PROFITABILITY of the Business.

Presently operating In and Around Mumbai arranging One Day Educational Excursions. There are about 400+ schools in and around Mumbai which is growing at a rapid pace with a number of International School’s coming up in the Cities and Suburbs the Business has a tremendous growth.

Funds will required for Purchase of Buses, creating of additional infrastructures like walkie-talkie, medical team, advertising, staff recruitment for organizing out station Pan India Trips. Once the Business Enterprises becomes Pan India expansion for becoming International Education Tourism can be thought about.

Profits from the above business can be expected from the 1st year itself, as it is a cash rich business because most of the payment is received in advance.

Interested investors can contact us to receive more information.

Competitive Advantage

Having our own infrastructure helps us in giving good service to the Customers (EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS), and in also competing with our competitors as majority of the parameters of Business is in Our Control.

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