Four Star Business Class Hotel

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project to be developed is about a four-star business class hotel in the vicinity of New Bangalore International Airport, India. The location where the project will be implemented is unique. The demand for a business class hotel accommodation is growing very steadily in the area, as proposed.

Diamond Plaza – a four star business class hotel providing facilities to work from the place of stay to executives who travel on business assignments.

Total built up area – 220,000 Sq. Ft.
Project cost – US Dollars – 25.00 Million
Promoter’s equity – US Dollars - 5.00 Million
Loan amount required – US Dollars – 20.00 Million
Time required for the completion – 30 to 36 months
Selling cost of the project in US Dollars – 42.00 to 44.00 Million.

Use of financing

For land purchase, construction of the building, electrification, air conditioning, furnishing and equipping.

For more financial information, please refer to the attachment.

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