Hotel Project in Shimla, India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Investor required for a Hotel project in Shimla which is one of our most famous tourist destinations in India. We already have a running restaurant business in Chandigarh, India and want to further extend our wings into the Hotel Sector.

In today's world Tourism is one of the booming and recession-free industries. Shimla is a prime spot in India with highest numbers of domestic and international tourists.

The hotel is in a prime location in Shimla and has a capacity of 21 deluxe and super deluxe accommodations. Apart from the accommodation an in-house dinning facility with ample car parking space is also available.

In the attachment you can find many other details related to the project such as property details, tourist statistics per year and brief revenue analysis.

We can ensure you that this is a real, feasible and profitable project.

If there are any queries related to this project please feel free to contact us so that we can answer them.

Use of financing

1. For the annual lease amount of the hotel.
2. For the notary fees, local taxes and broker charges.
3. For the marketing campaign and the brand promotion of the Hotel.
4. Operating expenses (salaries, utility bills, social security contributions, food & drinks, amusement, etc.)

The required investment is USD 1,20,000.

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