Aviation Service Provider Looking for Debt Investment to Expand

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Tourism, Recreation
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Years in operations: 5, Employees: 3
  • Investment size: $200,000 / min. $100,000
  • ROI: 45% in 4 years
  • Type of investment: Debt
Rising Plane

Investment Opportunity

PAS Pvt. Ltd is a trusted aviation service provider in India. Financier support in the mode of debt finanance is sought to spread the business globally.

Description: Our services include Aviation Academy (Courses approved by Govt. of India), Airport Services (Commercial Activity in all Major Indian Airports), Travel Services (Domestic & International customers). Our expansion started in 2013 to spread our business globally. Our main focus within the current project is to expand our Travel Service to eCommerce and global presence.

Our future plans to move forward in the travel services include:
1. Booking of Air, Car, Rail, Hotel, Travel Insurance and etc.,
2. Destination Management (We are one of DUBAI Destination specialists)
3. MICE Plan
4. Specialist Tourism:
• Medical Tourism
• Sports Tourism

We have worked out a strategic plan to succeed in the travel sector. As a basis of our plan we have performed a self-analysis, aimed to answer the questions where we are, what we did, what we going to do and how to enter the new market and evolve into a profitable business.

Our business expansion phases are as follows,

2. USA (after successful completion of our plan)
3. South East Asia including Indian Sub continent
4. Europe
5. The Pacific ocean

Project Timeline and key Miles Stones:

Years of Planning: 5 Years
1. Jan'13-Jun14: Providing Global eCommerce in Travel service sector.
2. Jun'14-Jun15: Promote our Business to MENA Region strongly
3. Jun'15-Jun'16: Entry to USA market strongly
4. Jun'16-Jun'17:Entry to South East Asia including Indian Subcontinent
5. Jun'17-Jun18: Entry to Europe
6. Jun'18-Jun19: Entry to Pacific Ocean

In 2020 PAS Pvt.Ltd (International) aims to become a world's #1 trusted Profitable Aviation Service provider and covered all Continents.

On time success never comes without finance, so our future and your concern are related.

Opportunity for the investor

We require trustable financier support in the mode of debt finance. Our maximum payback period is 5-7 years.

(cc) Image courtesy by Mike Miley

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