Business Proposal on General Aviation and NSOP Aviation in India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Huge potential to be exploited in general aviation sector in South of India especially Kerala state. We offer charter rates of Rs 55K/hr while nearest competitor is 75K.

Enhance Aviation, a young team* of aviator’s & flight operations specialists from the civil aviation sector in India are in search of venture capitalists for funding for Non Scheduled, Charter (General Aviation) business based in Cochin.

We have embarked on this mission to make air charter services practical and economical without compromising on safety or quality.

As Government of India is encouraging Start Ups and Aviation business in India, there is a huge potential to be exploited in general Aviation Sector in South of India especially Kerala state.

We would request you in spending some time to understand the feasibility, potential of business; attached herewith a proposal presentation from which you can get a brief idea on General Aviation prospects.

Today business aircraft are no longer seen as a luxury but as a tool for enhancing productivity, with growing requirements in tourism, mining, corporate travel, air ambulance, homeland security, etc.

Looking for any one option for investment. Single Investor or Partial Investor

Single Investor
Advantages of being single investor
I.No aircraft sharing
II.No sharing of profit with other investors
III.Annually 120 hrs. of flying free. Above 120 hrs. fuel and oil cost will be charged as actuals.

Partial Investor
Expect a maximum of 4 investors on a single aircraft. This is to avoid unwanted time slot clashes between investors. Time slots will be allocated on first come first serve basis. Minimum lock in period is 5 year.
Advantages being a Partial investor
i. Annually 30 hours of flying free. Above 30 hours fuel and oil cost will be charged as per actuals
ii.Will be eligible for profit share.
Present Players
No competitors in this segment who offer low cost air charter solutions inside Kerala.
Helicopter / Aircraft Charter Brokers from Bangalore and Delhi provide services as per requirement at a higher cost which starts at 75K / hr and above.
Being a specialized segment, not everyone can jump in and start an operation.
Though competition expected in the future.
Target Clientele
Gold Jewellers
Textile & Saree Showroom owners
Automobile show room owners
Hotel and Resort owners
Tour Operators
Infrastructure and Reality Developers
Architects, Lawyers , Doctors and Media personalities
Govt. of Kerala
Logistics and Courier service providers
Political parties.

Competitive Advantage

huge potential to be exploited in general Aviation Sector in South of India especially Kerala state. We offer charter rates of Rs 55K/hr while nearest competitor is 75K.
A guarantee of 2000 plus hours a year charter, as it is the first venture in the state with such a low cost charter rates in a turbo prop aircraft.
Governments initiative is very supportive to give a climate for an aviation startup.
No competitions as such right now and in near future.

Rationale for the deal

Our Team
A Private pilot and a passionate aviator with a total flying experience close to 500 hours on various flying machines which include free flying as well. Has flown around 200 hours on fixed wing very light aircraft. Currently managing International flight operations for a few major corporate flight departments in India, Also has 15 years of experience in running flight operations and charter services of a flying club and charter service company during his tenure in the Middle East.

A well experienced Commercial Pilot with more than 2000 hours on multiple aircraft including ATR 42, ATR72 and Airbus A320. A passionate aviator with 20 yrs of aviation experience & extensive knowledge on day to day flight operation activities with Scheduled & General Aviation

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer turned commercial pilot and has abundant flying experience to his credit. Has flown Embraer ERJ 170 regional jets for Paramount airways and now currently manages the flight operations for a leading corporate aviation department in Mumbai.

A commercial pilot who has flown for Paramount airways and has logged more than 500 hours. Has also worked as a dispatcher for Paramount Airlines before taking the position of a First officer on the Embraer ERJ 170 aircraft.

Use of financing

Investment Required
Aircraft procurement (Brand New)
1 no
INR 160,000,000.00 (2.5M$)
INR 2,000,000.00 (30770$)
working capital for 12 months
INR 8,040,000.00 (123693$)
Crew Training Cost
2 No
INR 1,500,000.00 (23077$)
Operational Staff Training
3 No
INR 1,000,000.00 (15385$)
Staff Accommodation per annum
INR 600,000.00 (9231$)
Staff transportation per annum
INR 400,000.00 (6154$)
Marketing & Advertising
INR 2,000,000.00 (30770)
Office space / Airport office per annum
INR 500,000.00 (7693$)
Other fees
INR 1,000,000.00 (15385$)
INR 177,040,000.00 (2.73M$)

Opportunity for the investor

70:30 is the share plan.
looking out for silent partner.
The brand new aircraft can be bought in the investor's name.
investment in one instalment as major part of investment is on procuring aircraft.

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