Car Dealership Start-Up Project with 30% ROI Is Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am seeking investments in order to launch autocar dealership for luxury vehicles in India. Both debt and equity investments are welcome.

As India is emerging as a new giant auto-car market globally, existing and new automakers are eyeing towards the maximum profit share of the market. Previously Indian customers were only concerned about to just buy a car, rather I would say a small family car not the luxurious one. But with the country's economical development in the past one decade India has achieved a GDP of more than six. Because of this per capita income has also been raised tremendously, due to industrial and personal growth people nowadays are more attractive and sincere towards buying a luxury car product.

The concept of purchasing a small economical family car is now being fading away slowly, hence to convert this fresh opportunity into a fruitful goal I decided to start a luxury car dealership. This is a perfect time to invest in luxury auto segment because the boom has just been started and there is a phase shifting taking place from economic auto product towards luxurious, hence expecting positive approach by investors.

Competitive Advantage

There is enormous space available for investors in the Indian luxury auto-car market, as market doesn't have sufficient dealer outlets to counter the fast increasing demand of the expensive auto products. Moreover Indian luxury auto-car market still needs n provides a good scope for investors.

Rationale for the deal

I am 25 years old, unmarried, economically independent with a desire to set new standards with this project. Currently I am working with TOYOTA MOTOR INDIA as a dealership support officer and having relevant experience and skills to start and manage a profit making auto-car dealership.

Use of financing

1) Land purchase/lease.
2) Auto-Car dealership establishment.
3) Sales and marketing.

Opportunity for the investor

Both debt and equity investments are welcome.

1) In case of debt interest rate should be 10-15% and payback period should be 3-5 years.

2) In case of equity investment up to 50% partnership with assured 30% ROI for 15 years.

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