Equity Investment Needed in Automobile Clutch Project with 1000% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Need funding for prototyping of my patent pending hybrid form of clutch, with surely a huge demand in market, and so for practical results need investment.

The product is a form of clutch which eliminates the primary use of friction giving it a amount of efficiency not possible using current techniques of making of clutch.

The product has passed all the theoretical tests with change in many prototypes and the latest and the best one is used for filling a provisional patent.

There can be few flaws still which need to be repaired and so for the testing of my product practically, I would need an investment of approx 3000 dollars per prototype cost ( including material, machining and its testing). I am sure to make the product market ready in 4 prototypes.

The rest of the payment is needed to get an attorney and to fill a complete patent.

The benefit of your investing in it is after complete patent, I shall sell the license of my patent to a deserving company, and seeing the general 5 to 10% licensing charge, an average automobile company produces half a million vehicles every year, and even targeting that 20% of it uses my clutch, total of 100k vehicle will have my product running in it.

Current clutch cost is 300 to 3000 dollars, taking even the base, 5% of 300 dollar is 15 dollars, which is further multiplied by number of units used yearly, that is 100k, that's 1 and a half million dollars per annum ( licensing few I would get) with 15% shares of urs will give u a return of 225k dollars yearly.

Before any agreement between us, I would like to say that's its not sure that project may succeed practically, it can be even a loss of 4k dollars if it failed.

Competitive Advantage

Being totally unique then its competition, it will surely grab eyeballs of automobile industry and the elimination of friction ensures it to be the most efficient in its class.

Rationale for the deal

The current scenario in automobile industry, with all types of scam and cheating cases from top automobile companies, have shown the loopholes and lack of efficiency terms provided in a automobile.

It is hard to change a prime mover in whole, but the transmission line surely has many potholes still to be filled.

The current condition of clutch, using friction as primary transmission stuff, just shows the ignorant nature of introducing or inventing new things. In that field, for its betterment, generally a normal clutch can transmit maximum of 95% power to gearbox, that 5% loss in power can prove too big in terms of long, as well as, short term efficiency performance of the whole system.

For that purpose, being a mechanical engineer, I went to research more in fixing this clutch problem and have come up with a hybrid clutch, which totally eliminates the friction term for power transmission.

I have already applied for patent but need some practical results to show to the aimed clients and so need investment for prototypes and final patent.

Use of financing

300 dollars for each prototype, upto 4 prototypes for perfection: 1200 dollars;

More division of 300 dollars: 75 to 100 dollars for material, 125 to 150 dollars for machining, 40 to 50 dollars for finishing and super finishing processes;

1200 to 1500 dollars for patent attorney for purpose of complete patent application;

3000 to 4000 dollars for making of 10 to 12 prototype models and distribution of it to potential buyers

4000 to 5000 dollars for advertisement of the product;

Opportunity for the investor

I need investment urgent and returns will be 5 to 10% of licensing fee I may get from my invention. The broader explanation is given in detail summary .

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