Equity investment Needed in PORTING DEVICE Project with 30% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

It is very difficult to lift the luggage and climb stair cases in railway stations and other places. A PORTING DEVICE is designed for this purpose. Equity will be given.

1) Product is a PORTING DEVICE. Helps passengers to take the luggage on stair cases without lifting the luggage. So most of the musculoskeletal problems are avoided. Many passengers carry more than one item which makes it more difficult for them to lift luggage and go from 1 platform to other. With the help of PORTING DEVICE, they need not lift their luggage.

2) Market is very huge as an average 840 million passengers are travelling only in Indian Railways every year not taking into consideration Bus stations and other uses of PORTING DEVICE.

3) Plan is to achieve US$ 8,00,000 with EBITDA US$ 3,51,360. Projected net profit is US$ 1,00,000.

4) Prototype is over. Product in practical conditions used and satisfied. PATENT IS PENDING.

5) By January 2016 Plan to launch the product backed by print and TV advertisements.

6) Fund is required to start the production unit and office establishment. Investor is offered equity in the company along with same % rights on patent. Ex. if an investor invests US$ 10,000 (INR 6,00,000 - 6.25% share is offered in the company along with same percentage % of patent rights.)

Competitive Advantage

There is no product for this purpose so far in India. Product is very useful to all and its usage is multirole. So success is assured. As device is designed as foldable acceptance is guaranteed from consumers. 70% Musculoskeletal problems are due to lifting weights. 20% of travellers are old age people for these passengers lifting luggage and going from 1 platform to other in Railways stations is real difficult task. Porting device solve this problem. Growth is sustained as in pipeline various other products for different uses are planned.

Rationale for the deal

As already mentioned as this is 1st time in India product market scope is huge. Now only trolleys are available which can be pulled on plain surface. There is no device to pull the luggage on staircases which we are offering.

The promoter is having 35 years of rich marketing experience in concept selling and new product launches. Out of the vast travelling and seeing the agony of travellers lead to design a product which has come successfully.

Use of financing

Fund is used to set up manufacturing unit, machinery, office and as working capital.

Out of US$ 40,000 - 10% are required for administrative expenses including ISO certification. 50% will be machinery, raw material and 40% for work capital. This amount can be given from the investor in 3 instalments.

Opportunity for the investor

For US$ 10000 - 6.25% equity share will be given. Even in PATENT 6.25% rights will be given. As per the auditors’ estimation the first year profit will be US$6,770 for US$ 10,000 investments. In 3 years ROI will be 206%. We are looking for hands-on investors only unless the investor wants to be a silent investor.

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