Plying Volvo Coaches from Goa to Pune and Mumbai and Back

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a private limited Logistics/Transportation company registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in Inda in 2010. We are looking to ply 4 (four) Volvo bus lines from Goa to Pune and Mumbai and need some additional support by a private investor.

We started our transportation service business in 2006 as a proprietorship business and then later in the year 2010 registered it as a private limited company. We are looking to ply our daily services from Goa to Pune and Mumbai and back.

We approached the bank for a loan of INR Rs. 8 Crore to purchase a Volvo Sleeper coach vehicle. You could assist us to make the initial down payment for the loan proposal.

Rationale for the deal

Today, the Goa tourism market is booming. Crowds of tourists are visiting Goa and hence it is a too busy route for buses. On the other hand the rail sector is inflexible and unable to make the necessary arrangements for the tourists.

Opportunity for the investor

We are open to different types of investment.

We could take a loan and pay it pack in a year or even less.

You could also take a stake in our company and get a straight away dividend of 20% p.a. on your investment. All the details of the deal will be arranged within a duly signed and notarized agreement and you will receive a post-dated cheque.

If someone is really interested then please help us in contributing our initial margin money.

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