Website for Air Travel Ticketing, Hotel Packages and Holiday Bookings

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We will initially provide online air tickets to customers at cheapest prices in India and conduct sales and marketing of holiday packages.

Funding is required for sales and marketing of the website.

I am planning to launch a website that offers the customers cheapest air tickets in India. Keeping a low margin initially will attract customers all over the country.

As the company has made its own name and goodwill, we can make faith in customers and work harder to give them competitive rates and increase our margin of profit.

On-line ticketing is the biggest turnover business in our country today.
As customers will book air tickets with us, they will also start taking our holiday packages.

The investor will get all the glamour, percentage of profit and goodwill from the business.
Currently i am doing a travel agency business issuing tickets from my end. If we can make it online we can earn a lot and make a lot of goodwill and make huge profit once it has begun making bookings.

People fly everyday today, so question of sales does not arise today.
Currently, my business is yielding me USD500 monthly profit. I have a very small capital invested of USD2,000.

The main funding required is for website development marketing and sales.

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