Stone Mining + Crushing, Waste Tire Recycling.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Funding is required by a Private Limited company. We will invest money to expand our current business in Stone Crushing in Haryana & Rajasthan. And also to start new Furnace oil manufacturing from Waste tires.

There is great demand of Infrastructure development in 200km radius of Delhi, so our company is planning to increase the current capacity & also to start a new stone crushing unit in Ferozpur, rajasthan.
ROI: 36%p.a.

Simultaneously, one of our group of company is developing Waste tire recycling plant in Faridabad District , haryana on National Highway No.2 . The output product will be Carbon Black, Furnace Oil, Steel Wires & natural gas. Except natural gas, because it will be utilized in the process all are sold able items in Market at high prices.
The machinery will be imported from China via Importer in India, so that they can provide service on time. The raw material will be Waste Tire / Used Tires which can be purchased from Scrap dealers in Delhi & Ghaziabad, Surat & Mumbai.
ROI : 36% p.a.

Our business is diversified and we have an experienced team for all sectors including Stone mining & crushing, Renewable Energy & Waste recycling and Infrastructure.

We need Funding of 3Mn USD for maximum 2 years. The Debt will be borrowed by our company and we will be responsible for all investment & related risk.

Project status:

1)Land has been purchased on Lease for Stone mining & crushing in Rajasthan & Faridabad and running stone crushing in Faridabad successfully.
2)Land has been purchased on Lease for waste tire recycling plant in Faridabad.

Competitive Advantage

I am one of the promoter of an Infrastructure company we have several projects in North India where we can supply stone. And our partner is having good influence in area and he is in the same profession from last 2 years.

Use of financing

We need 3Mn USd as Equity investment or Debt.

The borrower will be a Pvt. Limited company. Then company will invest in its subsidiaries.

For equity investors, we offer 25% stake in company & clear exit option with 60% return after 3 years.

For Debt lenders, we offer 24% per annum Guaranteed return, 1 year moratorium (only interest will be paid twice in year) and investment time will be 24 months maximum.

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