Duck Farm in Indonesia Seeks Investors to Expand

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Indonesia Indonesia
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $750,000 / min. $733,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Wahana Bebek is a duck farm that offers standalone products ranging from hatching eggs, day old duck and duck meat.

Wahana Bebek is a duck farm that offers standalone products ranging from hatching eggs, day old duck and duck meat. With the variety of products that we offer we get at least three types of consumers: incubator farmers, breeder rearing or poultry slaughterhouses, restaurants and distributors. In terms of distributors, we have three types of distributors -distributors of hatching eggs, day old duck distributors and duck meat distributors.

In Indonesia, especially in Mojosari-Mojokerto, there are hundreds of duck breeders, and some have already dozen years of duck breeding experience. However, they are the traditional duck breeders who have not applied intensive systems of ducks breeding and are generally raising local duck species.

Of the hundreds of ducks breeders there are just a few breeders who are already implementing intensive systems but they are limited to only one type of business field such as being only a breeder or a breeders rearing incubator.

Wahana Bebek's marketing strategy is to emphasize the quality of the four types of products it is providing, as well as the availability of the products itslef that supports the given continous consumer demand. Based on the number of products demanded, the demand per type of customer is as follows: rancher incubator - 20%, enlargement of farmers - 30%, distributors and restaurants - 50%.

Interested investors can contact me on the Merar site for more information.

Competitive Advantage

My competitors are other breeders and distributors or agents who buy ducks from other farmers. Our advantages are in the field of network marketing and product quality. This is what makes our products different from those of our competitors. In addition, we can produce ducks ready for slaughter in a shorter time than other farmers at a cheaper cost without reducing the meat quality. The project will help us gain additional advantages as described above.

Rationale for the deal

Today the demand for duck meat or duck eggs is increasing; This could be seen in many restaurants, cafes, or depots for ducks. Respectively, our business is very promising because of the increasing public consumption, let alone the meat-based culinary business that is becoming increasingly varied (e.g. roasted duck, fried duck or duck satay).

It is a fact that currently there is great demand for duck meat and duck egg, which increases from year to year along with the duck meat and duck egg consumption, while the production of duck meat and duck eggs is not as much as the number of requests. That is, the demand for duck meat and duck eggs is higher compared with the amount of duck meat production and duck eggs.

Use of financing

The budget will be used for purchase of 3013 m2 land, development enclosure, purchase of duck broodstock, enlargement of duck hybrids, openning of a new Duck Meat Store in Surabaya and Jakarta and a Duck Restaurant in Yogyakarta.

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