Land with Export Quality Black Marquina Marble Deposits for Sale

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

In the world there are only two quarries in of Marquina Black marble. We have 100 hectares of Marquina black marble for sale.

We have found several export quality materials, marbles and granites, in Indonesia. As consultants we are sourcing for stones to develop marble and granite quarrying in North Sumatera where there are no quarries yet but many stones.

We will guide your company through the procedures to obtain the land and open the quarry for production and promote marble and granite quarrying in Indonesia.

The lands for quarrying are in general cheaper than in other countries and taxes for opening and exporting marbles and granites are not even 10% of for example India.

Competitive Advantage

Production cost and taxes for stone quarrying in Indonesia are extremely low.
Permits are easy to get.
The export market to China is closeby.
Availability of many export quality materials due to an open market.

Rationale for the deal

There are no quarries yet on the Indonesian main land. In the coast of Java there are about 6 quarries.
For Suamtera we will be the first company to open and operate marble and granite quarries.

Use of financing

We are developing a new market. The funds are used for direct investment in your own name and for obtaining own land for production of a new export product for the Sumatera market.

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