Promoter Seeking Equity/Debt Investment for Tin Ore Smelter Unit

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have a 212 hectare Tin ore mine in Karimun Island near Batam in Indonesia along with a CNC (Clean and Clear) license issued in November 2013.

The mine area is comprised of land and sea. The CNC license allows instant implementation of the smelter unit as all the required licenses have been granted.

The Tin Ore is mined from the sea bed by the Cutting Section Tin Production Drudge. This can produce about 70% concentrate Tin from the mineral mined from the sea bed. Each Tin Production Dredge can produce about 3 to 5 tons of 70% Tin concentrate per day as per the dredge capacity.

The Tin concentrate from the tin production Dredge is now taken to the smelter plant and processed there to 99.9% Tin bars of 25 kilos each. The monthly production from the smelter is estimated at 100 tons of Tin.

The Tin produced from our smelter will have an offtake agreement with a multinational multi-billion dollar company.

Use of financing

We are looking for funding to set up our own smelter.

Opportunity for the investor

We are open for both debt and equity proposals.

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