E-Commerce from the Services Sector in Indonesia Seeks Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Indonesia Indonesia
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $200,000 / min. $50,000
  • ROI: 120% in 2 years
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

We are an e-commerce based company operating worldwide, looking for funds to-upgrade, expand, and advertise. We offer high rate of ROI and profit.

E-commerce business is a very fast growing business today, with the help of technology everyone can access information, get the goods they are looking for with price and quantity without intermediaries, with great ease.

We have a variety of features for E-commerce that we offer this. That the guarantee will attract consumers according to a survey we have done for two years.

Our readiness has been very mature and tested in; human resources, tools, and support. Our company has been established since tarun 2012 and this is the moment to show the results of our research and surveys for 2 years.

Full purpose of this funding is to develop our technology and increase human resources professionals in their respective fields.

One source of our revenue in the E-commerce web are advertising and information we provide.

It is a business that is done via the website and covers the whole world, with the target market B2B and B2C.

The purpose of the funding is to expand the company into various countries, boost the quality of the technology and adding human resources professionals in the field.

We offer a long-term investment, which in less than 3 years the investor can enjoy the profit until the agreed time limit.

Last, we're sorry we couldn't provide full information because of the company policy. We will discuss further and provide more if there's someone interested and talk through negotiation to us.

Competitive Advantage

Our closest competitor is alibaba.com, amazon.com, e-bay.com and others.
They are giants in the field of e-commerce business, but need to know they are "a giant in the field of e-business commerce product category." While we were there several existing categories and a huge opportunity to develop one of which is the category of services. There is no e-commerce giant who became a giant in the field of services. Then this is the opportunity and the timing is great to invest. Let's join us.

Our way of maintenance and is consistent with a management system that is very experienced and always innovate is the most important thing for the continuation of this business.

Rationale for the deal

Opportunities in the services sector, for example, services is the business that has advantages over the field of product ratio and a very wide range of needs.

We will manual information and help consumers we advertise a product, and connect them with what they are looking for.

The business e-commerce average gain their wealth from the public, we also have a target to go public so that our company recognized by the world.

We've been studying and doing research in this field and the most important thing is the pace to evolve, because if we evolve, information and innovation we are going in one after another by others.

Use of financing

We need investments to improve the tools, human resources, and our business necessities.

We need $ 200,000, -

Salaries of 35 employees for two years: $ 90,000, -
The addition of IT goods and accessories: $ 30.000, -
Cost of advertising (5 countries): $ 50,000 -
Cash companies: $ 25,000 -
Government tax: $ 5000, -
It is estimated that we only need a maximum of 2 rounds for this investment, the first is $ 100,000, - the 2nd is $ 100,000, -

Total: $ 200,000 –

Opportunity for the investor

The minimum investment for us is $ 50,000, - so:

- $ 50,000 = 15% shares
- $ 200,000 = 45% shares

With the count ROI of 2 years.

We are open to criticism and suggestions, as well as for investors who want to work directly review the viability of this company or investor who just wants to put the money. We are very receptive to both the above options.

Total funds we need actually is $ 650,000, - and has now collected $ 450,000, - then we are still short $ 200,000, -. And we hope that the remaining funds could we get at the end of the month at the latest February 2016.

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