Investment Needed for a Web Application Fostering Debts & Receivables

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Indonesia Indonesia
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $87,211 / min. $80,000
  • ROI: 106% in 2 years
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

We have developed an Internet-based solution that profitables and needed by many peoples that accodateomms problems of debts and receivables.

We will deliver a solution that can help minimize various issues related to debt payment and collection. The solution will be giving advice, reminding about debt obligations, controlling accounts receivable, and assisting legal practitioners (notaries and lawyers) to obtain relevant information.

Target market
• Professionals who carry out the accounts payable and other business transactions
• Creditors
• Creditors who have troubled receivables (bad debt)
• Notaries
• Lawyers

Business growth plan:
1. 1 – 2 years: Indonesia Market
2. 3 – 5 years: Asia Market
3. Up 5 years: Wolrd Marklet

Business goals and expected outcomes in the initia business stage:
Development of a website to provide the first and best solution for receivables.
Establishing partnerships with local stakeholders.

Based on observations and research, up to the moment there is no similar solution on the market.

Rationale for the deal

Related with high transaction costs, accounts payable are certainly a lot of trouble, especially if not resolved. Many people and companies experience the difficulties of collecting receivables. They repeatedly tried collecting but often of no avail as the debtor refuses or is not able to pay back the credit.

At the same time undertaking legal action is a difficult process that takes a lot of costs and time. Using third party services (debt collectors) is also an expensive and risky option, therefore many lenders are forced to give up, even if the amounts owed to them are significant, be they tens, hundreds and even billions of rupiah.

Use of financing

Salaries: $33.111,11
Equipment: $22.618,52
Utilities: $5.333,33
Office space: $22.222,22
Miscellaneous: $3.925,93

Grand Total: $87.211,11

Opportunity for the investor

1. Profit sharing
Investor: 40%
Owner: 60%

2. Debt
2 years payback priod with 1,5% interest rate. We will start paying back the interest in 4 months.

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