Equity Investment Needed in Surf Resort Project with 15% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Indonesia Indonesia
  • Industry: Tourism, Recreation
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $150,000 / min. $10,000
  • ROI: 15% in 3 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

This resort is an exclusive resting place on the beach on the Tropical Island of Simeulue, Sumatra, Indonesia. Interested in debt or equity investment.

This resort is an exclusive resting place on the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean in the seuneubok village of the teupah district of the beautiful simeulue district on the Tropical Island of Simeulue, Sumatra, Indonesia.
This resort offers the only accommodation and boat trip in Simeulue. We are a destination of choice for people who are looking for seclusion, privacy and a place to relax and recharge in a beautiful location that has not been touched by many people, with the best food and personal services on the island. The resort caters to surfers, anglers, and international spear fishermen who want to be truly far from the mainstream tourist destinations for adventure vacations that they will never forget. Feel the quality of the waves or fish that have not been fruited and the untouched water from the nearest drop-off without other boats in the area. We offer a variety of activities to serve singles, couples and families. Guests can enjoy surfing, fishing, island day tours, visiting waterfalls, lakes, and on the full moon go watching turtles. We offer exclusivity that has never existed before. It is a business owned and operated. Anyone who is looking for an exclusive surfing, fishing or natural experience or someone who is just looking for a place to honeymoon or relax, our resort is for you.

Competitive Advantage

We are fully aware that we are in an industry that can be very competitive which is why we have decided to pay attention to SWOT analysis for organizations. We know that once we can identify our strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that are available to us, we will be able to produce a good business strategy that will help us achieve all of our business goals and objectives.

We know very well that one way to build a business that is successful in the long run, is the ability to gather some lessons from the weak points we find and turn them into areas of strength. In cases where there is little or nothing to do, we can also work very hard so that our area of ​​strength is growing, so that the weak areas are very poorly visible. The following is a preview of the results we got from the SWOT analysis:
Competitive advantage
We are an excellent and customized service that we offer to all our guests regardless of their status. We can boldly say that our resort location will give us an edge over our competitors on the island of Simeulue. We are in the middle of a favorite tourist spot on the island. From the location of our resort, you can connect surfing spots and Sinabang city. Another significant competitive advantage that we bring to the industry is our experience directly plunging into the resort industry at simeulue.

Sustainability and Expansion Strategy
Part of the grand plan of sustaining our Resort is to ensure that we provide the best of trainings for our employees, put succession plan in place, and we will not relent in marketing and promoting our hotel brand.

From our findings, another factor that kills new business is financial leakages. In order to plug financial leakages, the management will adopt the use of payment machines and accounting software to run the business.

In the bid to building a successfully business, we will ensure that all our employees are comfortable and we will provide them with the best of facilities and welfare package that will help them achieve peak performance in all their duties and in turn help the organization achieve its goals and business objectives.

Rationale for the deal

Market Trends
The trend in the resort industry is such that there are peak periods and outside peak periods. As such, hoteliers know this and have been able to make provisions to deal with seasonal changes appropriately. As an example; during the surfing season starts from the end of March until the beginning of September almost fully booked. In fact, it is a period where some resorts make money that will retain business for the rest of the year.
Even so, some resorts are well positioned and they enjoy rich patronage throughout the 12 calendar months of the year. Another trendier feature in the resort industry is that it is profitable to build your brand and then enter franchise sales, if you know you don't have the capacity to manage various branches of the resort business like other tour packages can be boat trips, snorkeling, diving and sightseeing to the forest.
Above and above, resort businesses are quite aware that they are in the industry not for a quick return on their investment, but to continue to build brands that can become global brands while increasing their profits year after year.

Target Market
We conducted a feasibility study and market survey and we can identify those we hope will eventually become our loyal customers. We do not intend to waste our time on activities that do nothing, which is why we invest time to make a hotel marketing plan to help us do the things that are most needed. This is the category of people we intend to market our hotel; • Surfer • Business people • Male and female sports •Government officials • College student • Tourist • Travelers • Travel Agent • Event Manage

We will generate income from the following service offerings;
Meals (Local Indonesia Delicacies, westeren cuisines and simeulue local food)
Drinks (beers and non – alcoholic drinks)
Swimming pool
Laundry service
Mini mart
Shuttle service
boat trip

Use of financing

To start this business requires costs including the purchase of land and the construction of buildings and the cost of 3 bungalow with 1 restaurant construction for 150000 USD.

Opportunity for the investor

For debt investment, the total loan amount is $ 150000, the expected payback period is 10 years and the interest rate is 0.2%.
• For equity investments, part of our company is offered to investors, dividends and 15% ROI / IRR
• I am looking for direct investors or silent investors.
• investment installment schedule starts in the second year

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