Opportunity to Invest in a Bamboo Guesthouse in Indonesia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am starting a new project to build and manage a simple guesthouse located in Sumatra Island. The building is made entirely of bamboo.

Nowadays, the surfing has become an extremely popular activity in Sumatra Island. Since several surf spots were discovered by adventurous surfers that visit Sumatra Island, the surf industry has quickly grown in Sumatra. Specially Mentawai Island, an archipelago located on the west side of Sumatra.

I am starting a new project to build and manage a simple guesthouse that the whole building made and cover with bamboo. It will be unique and one of a kind guesthouse. The potential development of this guesthouse is big, because the location will be easy for walking-in guest to find the place. Some operator that run and manage a surf trip to Mentawai Island already confirm to send their guest to me if their guest spent the night in the city before leaving to Mentawai Islands. I think some of the potential marketing aspect already confirm their participation.

I need approximately around USD 80 000 to make this guesthouse become reality. I am offering sharing profit scheme for every individual or institution interested to start this project with me.

Competitive Advantage

Unique design and one of a kind guesthouse.
Perfect location for walking-in guests.
Already have some surf operator in Mentawai Island to provide booking guests.

Use of financing

• Construction
• Interior
• Start up
• Labour and employee

Opportunity for the investor

Sharing profit for 15 years (every month investor have the right of 50% from everything that this guesthouse made).

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