House Building Industry in Israel

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The purpose of this investment project is to buy real estate, build homes and sell them.

Now the best idea in Israel is real estate, because a community (group of some people) has been controlling our government and they don't want that the citizens of Israel have money. (afraid to lose the power of controlling them).
But the citizens started to do money by the Internet. So they decided to play with the prices of all the products and service in Israel. The prices of the real estate grew over time. But the citizens must have a home to live in.
So, now it is a best Idea to do business by real estate in Israel. I want to buy real estate, build homes and after this to sell them to the citizens. I am an individual. Real estate is fantastic idea now in Israel. Purchases however should be quick.
If you understand the business idea (the relevant of concern), I believe that you do it with me.
If no, you can do it by a loan. (I have no federal files of USA).
I need the chance to do this business, but it should be done quickly.

Competitive Advantage

The price of real estate in Israel grows very fast.
The costs are rising very fast as well.
The cost is doubling at Period one year.
High proceeds and quick profits.

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