Offered are 15% from Unique E-Learning Platform

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am offering stake in the next generation of the E-Learning platform.

The project is at seed stage, therefore cannot expand much on its direction and domain of activity. I have now a professional web designer and a very good copywriter as well as an excellent developer for starting it up.

• Competitor analysis (above 100 potential competitors) shows clearly there is nothing similar in the market
• ROI with 3 years
• An opportunity to be a part of innovative platform
• An opportunity to be a part of group that helped assist people grow
• 80% of the platform already designed
• Currently 1 developer is working on it

At these days a start-up must lunch fast in order to have the early adapters before his competitors. Therefore, I would like to have a complete team of developers, marketers and advisors for progressing it as faster as can with keeping high quality.

Competitive Advantage

• Analysis of above 100 potential competitors show that this platform is unique
• There is a real demand, from the individual person, to services it offers
• It saves money to companies

Rationale for the deal

The opportunity is to be part of an innovative platform, while being paid for the investment.

The platform provides free services as well as paid services. The cash flow of this platform will be from fee it takes from paid services and from advertising.

Use of financing

I am investing my own money for hiring the best people for progress it. Since I would like to take an advantage of being the first that offers that kind of services, I need a bigger team.

The investment will be used for hiring more people, mostly developers and marketing.

Opportunity for the investor

I am looking for an involved investor which will bring the added value of experience.

I am offering 15% of the company for $450,000.

Interested investors can establish contact with me on Merar.

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