Creation of Assembling and Selling LED Lighting

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Investment is needed in the creation of assembly production of LED lamps, the current funding of the company, the creation of inventory and organizing activities on sales.

The project proponent intends to set up an assembly production of LED lamps. The company is able to work effectively in this market segment, by a competent choice of "niche market", the construction of long-term strategy, business linkages, the formation of a reasonable pricing policy and a permanent clientele by promoting and supporting customers, expanding the range of services. The structure, scope, and quality of products are much higher than similar products made in China, and the cost is lower than those offered on the market in Israel.

The specificity of the modern business is that in times of crisis and fierce competition to survive the company with a high level of production and introducing advanced innovation allowing to produce advanced products.

So the goods are offered for the productions of LED lamps are made with the know-how and innovative technologies.

Payback period is 10 months.

There is high demand on the market today.

The project is currently in its final stage. Samples of lamps are on the certification standards of the Institute of Israel.

Made and collected 100 samples of LED fixtures for holding demonstrations and pilot projects.

We would also like to create a branch for trading on the export of the certificate of conformity in Russia.

To trade on the export of Serbian goods shipped samples for certification in Serbia.

Negotiations for the establishment of a branch company in Bulgaria - for export to the EU.

There are potential customers of products in Israel.

Additional funding is needed to complete the certification of products and the creation of assembly production of LED lamps.

Investors who wish to contact us can do it on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

The main distinctive feature of this production is using of the up to date Light Emitting Diodes, line XP-G, produced by American company CREE. These LEDs are the most effective in the world today. LEDs XP-G possesses the following distinctive features:

• Luminous efficiency
• The high colour rendering index
• Reliable construction

We are the only company in Israel, which uses only these LED's in all production samples.

In our lamps we use only high quality optics, which has the lowest losses. The production range of our module lens has been projected with the professionals’ assistance of Finnish company Ledil OY, which is the one of the world leading companies engineering the optics for LEDs. The production range of our module lens includes no less than three variants of the most popular types of light distribution. This can guarantee the optimal exploitation of effective light flux, remarkable reliability as well as the stability of colour temperature and light flux for the whole life expectancy of LEDs.

All LT production is packaged with unique LED power driver, which has been specially developed for this project. These products completely correspond to the current standards of electromagnetic compatibility and radio interference level. Moreover, they have a high power efficiency and extremely wide range of operating temperature (from -60 till +60 ˚C). It was managed due to the detailed selection of constitutive elements, using our own know-how, which can guarantee the steady operation and long life cycle of these LEDs.

Rationale for the deal

Our LED lights are currently in the certification standards of the Institute of Israel.

The Certificate of the quality of my products in Russia, to create a branch in the northern regions of Russia.

Negotiations on the establishment of branches in Serbia and Bulgaria.

There are potential customers in Israel.

Use of financing

1. The maintenance of the Company
2. Creating assembly
3. Creation of inventory
4. Creating a sales centre

Opportunity for the investor

At the request of the investor. Or a return of invested funds after a certain period, or equity in the distribution of profits. Possible participation in the Company's management.

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