Energy Saving Devices with Pilot Projects in Germany, USA, and Poland

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company developed the most progressive and modern devices for energy saving which are already on the market. We have pilot projects in Germany, USA, and Poland.

We are looking for investment of $500,000 - $2,500,000 to extend our marketing, manufacturing line and continue to develop new products.

Our company (SLB) developed devices for saving electrical energy of lighting. Today industry lighting and street lighting are based on HID (High intensity discharge) lamp. Today HID lamps are most efficiency lamp. The efficiency is expressed by quantity of light measured in lumen generated by 1W of supplied power.

Dependent of type of the lamp the efficiency of HID lamps vary from 80lm/W to 130lm/W. Today most (more than 90%) of HID lamp works with magnetic ballast.

The magnetic ballast degrade the system efficiency 15% to 20% and cause to additional power dissipation due it high reactive power. In practical application magnetic ballast make shorter the lamp life time.

By using SLB electronic ballast instead the magnetic ballast we can save 30% to 60% of energy and lamp life is extended 2-4 times (compare to their catalog data).

SLB lighting controller (for group of lamps) save 25% of energy it not required changing the existing magnetic ballast .

We will develop HID lamp for domestic application. Penetration to domestic market will open market of hundreds of millions.

Currently SLB has begin to manufacture three products

- Electronic ballast for high intensity lamps (HID). Such lamps are use in street
lighting, industry, warehouse, shopping halls. The electronic ballast can save up 50% of energy. The ROI is 14-24 months
The ballast should be tested by UL, VDE
- Lighting controller : serves any lamp and provides energy savings of
20%-25% of energy, ROI of 12-16 months.
- Radio transceiver: transmit data between ballasts and central computer.
The transceiver is in test phase

Competitive Advantage

The most important for our products is reliability. Approved product has unlimited market . We believe that our products have highest reliability on the market due to special circuits. We will apply patents for this circuit.

There no company that have range of product like SLB. There are some companies that market electronic ballast or lighting controller or monitoring.

Rationale for the deal

From market research done by Datapoint Resaerch
" 1. By 2015 90% of all lamps shipped globally for general lighting applications will be required to have electronic drive circuitry.
2. The incandescent lamp will be banned.
3. The market for lighting ballast and drives will be 6 billion units and $10.6B"

It is huge market for SLB products.
Our product has fast ROI cycle.
We have access to big customers.
We consolidate the all technology that this market required.
Our staff consists of the top-level managers and engineers.

Use of financing

For developing the existing product we spent 3 years.
The investment is needed for marketing, establishing production line . We are manufacturing in China by few subcontractors we have our line for finally assembly and testing.

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