Acquater Ballastics (TM) Hydrokinetic Therapy System

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I invented and own all the intellectual property rights, 13 completed prototypes (two of each except for the rolling carpet, of which I only have one)and all the AutoCAD production blueprints.

After a serious car crash in 1973, which shattered my wrists and did further damage, I rehabilitated myself in the sea and developed my Acquater Ballastics (TM) Hydrokinetic Therapy system; much later I had devices built and the prototypes are now ready to conduct and document clinical testing.

The first device I invented in 1979, the "Universal Ballastic Exerciser" was made by me in 100 prototypes and given to hospitals and press for testing; I never found financing to finish the patent and start producing it industrially. A device which works on the same principles, although looking different and being much more limited than mine in its performance, is now being marketed very successfully at but I never received from that company any acknowledgement of offer of collaboration, which could have propelled their product 10 years ahead.

Since my therapeutic devices have already received much exposure I do not intend to seek patents on them, but to focus on documented testing and subsequently develop new patentable designs; Hydrotherapy is a quickly developing market and I estimate its market niche for my concepts in at least 1 B$US in the first year of commercial marketing, integrated by first introducing a book cum DVD combo at the 2012 Acquatic Exercise Association convention (DTBE, most likely near May), followed by courses and demonstrations in more venues. IMHO the best marketing path is that of franchising akin to Pilates and similar.

I am open to any serious offer including an exclusive franchise for the North American (or another one if relevant) market; I intend to keep for myself the Israeli market but will sell for the listed amount 45% of the company.

Competitive Advantage

No devices of comparable quality exist on the market and anything similar which may be found does not meet the high standard demanded for institutional equipment; furthermore, my own knowledge of the method rests with me until the latter is properly shared in a businesslike way; the new generation of devices which I intend to design and patent will be duly protected from competition.

Rationale for the deal

Just search on the Internet for the results already achieved, despite the primitive means currently employed, in the treatment of the illnesses I listed in this form.

Business details will be worked out properly with any serious offer.

The market for Hydrokinetic therapy devices is growing very quickly and will continue to grow as its success fills the statistics; it may not yet fully cure the listed condition but it is abundantly proven that in raises those patients' quality of life. Many thousands of therapists are already trained and practicing it, many more will soon enter the field.

Use of financing

Creation of a research lab with pool, computerized design ability, concrete/discrete measuring instrumentation, much of it to be built by me, hiring of an officially qualified team to conduct, document and submit test results for official recognition. Proper patent searches and submission on the resulting new devices. More ancillary services.

I have run of of my own money and thanks to my divorce's asset freezing I have no access to personal credit, therefore I seek a strategic partner who will acquire for the amount above 45% of equity in the firm and the exclusive rights for the chosen market area, including production of the devices.

1/3 at contract execution, 1/3 6 months later, the last 1/3 after the following 6 months. The second and third payment will be held in escrow by the company's bank since the contract's execution with the interest going to the buyer, and the company's shares will be held in escrow by the buyer's bank and registered to buyer at the same rate, 15% each time.

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