Invest in Technology for Treatment of Water and Other Liquids

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Israel Israel
  • Industry: Technologies
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $3,500,000 / min. $500,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Scientific and engineering development of new methods/equipment for any technological process using liquid flows has been accomplished to reduce capital.

Current project stage:

After the technology advantages of the applications were demonstrated more than 8 basic technological processes have been validated. This allows variety of applications of the technology in different industries. The technology advantages were differentiated in a separate class due to incomparable efficiency and low costs.

Detailed description will be provided after a dialog has been established.

Competitive Advantage

Cost advantages in comparison to any comparable "Best Available Technology" in water treatment/purification:
• CapEx - lower by 2-30 times
• OpEx - lower by 2-10 times

Liquids other than water can as well be treated at high efficiency (lower CapEx and OpEx).

Rationale for the deal

The technology has been proven as a disruptive one in any aspect.

Low investment risk, very high potential profit; short time-to-market; no competition.

Use of financing

Large pilot installations at Waste Water Treatment Plants: aeration, sludge elimination and/or on-site treatment to added value product, thus reducing WWTP Operation Expenses by 70%-90%.

Opportunity for the investor

Whether the investor will get equity, licensing, or other compensation depends on their preference. They might be strategic partner established on the market, or passive investor, or someone interested in a particular application/process, etc.

The expected investment return rate is extremely high on some applications. For example, IRR of the saving share model for sludge management is up to 800%, while at the same time the market niche is huge.

A number of investments alternatives can be discussed.

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