Advanced Absorbent Developer Looking for Strategic Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Start Up company enterprises that has produced an advanced sorbent material for the cleaning up of oil spills.
We have a proved and tested absorbent which showed significant results (high oil sorption capacity).
We need funding for go-to-market efforts.
Seeking investment from 1M to 10M$, depending on choose strategy ROI = 4-5 years.

The Product:
Sorbas Ltd is a start-up in process (The Company) enterprise that has produced an advanced sorbent material for the cleaning up of oil spills. Currently, the product is capable of absorbing 70 times (or even more depends on the type of oil) its weight, almost triple the market absorbency standard. Our Sorbent (SB-1) is produced from basalt (volcano stone) fibers, by unique technology. More importantly, Sorbas’s production method is comparatively cost effective because of its less expensive raw materials. Sorbas offers a better performing product at a lower price, significantly increasing the value to customers.

Target markets:
Oil companies, Transporting Companies, Manufactures

Unique Sales Proposition:
EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that 1.1 billion gallons of used oil have to be cleaned up every year3 (1993). This market is a $5 billion/year market (North America only) with 30% annual growth (2007).
The most commonly used adsorbent products do not offer the combination of high absorption capacities and low prices that the Sorbas product can deliver

Production Facilities:
Sorbas was established by Inventor of absorbent and by two Founders which have a proved experience in Finance and Marketing. We are dealing with existed product that can be produced in manufacture capacity

A preliminary financial model has been prepared based to assess the viability of the licensing strategy. This way require lowest investment and fast ROI. But we will take into account manufacturing or statuesque strategies.

Key Opinion:
Our Sorbent had been tested by PhD Michael A. Champ (Advanced Technology Research Project (ATRP) Corporation, P.O. Box 2439, Falls Church, VA 22042-3934, USA) and found that “In the 24-hour adsorbent test, SB-1 achieved very good results, attaining a pick-up ratio of over 75 g/g for the medium and heavy oils. This places the product in the upper 10% of all sorbents tested by SAIC over a 20 year period

Investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

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