Japanese Wind & Hydro-Turbine Technology Company Seeks Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Turbine technology company headquartered in Japan seeks an investment to finance R&D activities for improving Plant Load Factor and the launch of production in India.

The company develops, manufactures and installs hydro and wind power-generation turbines. To investors we offer a payback period of 4.25 years and an IRR of above 25%.

The company will conduct R&D for developing new technologies and applications, and for improving the performance of existing wind turbine technologies. In order to facilitate faster adoption of our technology by independent power producers (IPP), utilities and end consumers the company will focus on continual technological improvement.

The company is committed to identifying optimum solutions for its clients and is executing the plan effectively so that clients start realizing net benefits as early as possible over the turbine lifecycle.

Our expertise lies in sighting technological development opportunities, innovatively making them technically and commercially feasible, and making them available to clients so that clients are able to realize benefits. And, above all, our strength follows from the passion the company brings to each activity in the interest of building a “green society.”

Our success, our unique value proposition (UVP), and the success of wind power in general lies in improving the Plant Load Factor (PLF) of our wind turbines to hitherto unimagined proportions.

Major Focus Areas
We will focus our efforts and strengths on four major areas:
1. Research & Development,
2. Sales & Marketing,
3. Project Implementation, and
4. Production in India

Being a technology company we intend to spend considerable effort and resources on Research & Development. Continuous innovation is the key to deal with all the challenges that our civilization faces. Key to our success is increasing the PLF of wind turbines and reducing their power generation cost.

Sales & Marketing will be obvious activities without which we will not be able help our clients adopt our technologies. Also, it is the key to sustain our business and all our activities. With the goal of realizing early success we will focus on IPPs and end customers who intend to invest in captive power generation. To guarantee high client benefits we will carefully select application areas and location to achieve high PLF.

To ensure that every installation at a client’s site is carried out safely, meticulously and with high quality we will build a strong project team and methodology. The core focus of this team will be Project Implementation. The team will establish clear project guidelines and methodologies, including pre-GO LIVE testing to prevent any disaster or failure. These guidelines and processes will be upgraded continually aiming to learn from our past mistakes and incorporating our as well as other’s best practices.

To make our technology affordable to our clients we plan to produce what we develop. Production will be the fourth key focus area for our company. We plan to locate our first production site in India. This location will help us leverage relatively inexpensive but quality engineering and technical skill sets available in India. We will achieve low cost production without compromising on quality.

For details please refer to the attached Executive Summary. Please feel free to contact Viswa Ghosh at the address and/or mobile number (Mob: +81 80 5640-2087) given in the proposal.

Contact us on Merar if you are interested investors.

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