Production of RFID-Antennas, Assembling Inlays, Labels and Tags

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are glad to suggest cooperation to our future partners in the sphere of production of RFID-Antennas, assembling Inlays and labels at the territory of Kazakhstan.

The company has all the potential for growth in the manufacturing sector. The process of negotiations with the government for the issue of RFID technologies implementation in various areas in Kazakhstan has already started and is running successfully.

Actually, the basis for the constructing of this production is provided, the location being within the free-trade zone "Technopark Alatau"(

Competitive Advantage

The main advantages of this production are:
a) The unique conditions of the production: tax-free zone with the export and import tax exemptions;
b) Subsidies and unique export and import financing of final products and components;
c) Comprehensive support from the Head of the Ministries of Republic of Kazakhstan;
d) Investment proposal from Russian and U.S. venture capital and investment funds;
e) Industry investment proposal from sovereign investment funds of the Kazakhstan;
f) Inexpensive labor force.

Rationale for the deal

It is crucial to emphasize that the production can be quite cost-effective for the following reasons:
a) The cost of the final product would be cheaper than the Chinese neighbors are offering;
b) The Customs Union membership will allow free shipment of final products and components without any restrictions to Russia and Belarus.

Opportunity for the investor

We will be glad to discuss mutually beneficial terms and answer any questions you may have about this production.

No doubt, our cooperation will be successful given our present opportunities for establishment in the industry and organization of staff employees and taking into account the great experience and technology that you have

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