Raising Capital for Cable-Laying and Construction Works in Kazakhstan

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Investment Opportunity

We are raising capital to lay cables and build networks for telecommunications companies, mainly for KazakhTelecom. We look forward to cooperate with you.

These improvements will allow provision of higher-quality telecom services, Internet and ID TV. The volume of guaranteed works is a minimum of $2.5M per year. An external investment will allow us to increase the volume up to fourfold.

Our company - LLP Aviso – carries out construction works in the telecommunications industry and is a dynamically growing organization. Works on laying optical cables are highly profitable.

Kazakhtelecom is the main operator in telecommunication services supply in Kazakhstan and is our main customer. Works consist of several independent steps. The term of each stage is three months. The average value of works is $500,000 per stage.

All telecom operators in the country are working on upgrading their networks to improve the quality of communication and to provide additional services, including Internet and ID TV, as well as to provide e-government services. We also implement new IT technologies.

Our team has experience in the carrying out construction works in the field of communications and telecommunications, railway signaling and centralized railway track locking.

We have a big team of professionals, as well as a base with machinery and equipment allowing us to carry out large-scale works. I have high-level connections in government in the Ministry of of Communications, "Kazakhtelecom", "TransTeleCom", KazTransCom and other structures in the telecommunications industry. My friends from the institute of communications, where I graduated in 1984, are highly-skilled professionals, many of them in leading positions.

Thanks to our good professional team and the support of friends and associates, we have received proposals for work volumes of the above amount until 2011. To do these works, we need investments. To secure the agreement we have to bring in $170,000 until the new year. Estimates for the works will be available to investors and they can be acquainted with them and with the projects before tenders. Works will be executed and shall be phased in stage by stage. The investment will be paid back within a year in tranches as the projects are realized.

At the moment we are preparing the budget for 2011. According to my well-informed friend, next year's planned budget for development assistance only for the city of Almaty will be at least $190 million. This sum will be invested and represents a huge volume of projects accessible to us.

I look forward to cooperate with you. My principle is never give empty promises and fulfill your obligations.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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