Investment Project for Ski Resort at Lake Markakol, Mt. Altai

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Creation of a ski resort with affordable prices at Lake Markakol in eastern Kazakhstan. The construction of a hotel, ski slopes, cable car, etc. will take three years.

The main objective of the project is the promotion of technical sports in Kazakhstan, including the creation of a unique all-season ski resort as a highly effective business with the highest quality services. Our plan is to build a complex near Lake Markakol. The project will be profitable by increasing the number of visitors to the region.

Mountain Lake Markakol (see website Markakol) is the most beautiful lake in eastern Kazakhstan and the Altai mountains. The adjoining protected land is as beautiful as the lake itself.

The pride of Markakol region is not only the lake but also the taiga forests, clear mountain streams, and springs. The flora and fauna of this corner of the Republic of Kazakhstan is diverse and rich. Every year, these places are visited by thousands of tourists from Kazakhstan, Russia, CIS and foreign countries.

If on vacation, on can only engage in fishing and hunting at present (there is no other entertainment). As a result, visits are short and there is no service for tourists.

To attract more people, the idea of the project is to build a hotel with a full-service, construction of ski slopes, slopes for snowboarding, tubing on the natural slopes, cableways, opening a service center, other public buildings, cottages and opportunities for extreme sports and entertainment.

For the ski area the following types of sports can be offered:
In winter: cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, sleighing, rolling, skating, snowmobile tours, snowmobiling for fishing, hiking in the mountains, ice skating, billiards, ice fishing on the lake, bath and sauna, horseback riding.
Summer: roller skating, skateboarding, hiking, bike, jogging, billiards, badminton, rollercoaster rides, fishing on the river Kara-Kaba, an aqua park, baths and saunas, tennis courts, wall climbing, riding ATVs, horseback riding, picking mushrooms, berries and herbs.

The period for development of the investments, loans and credits in the form of capital investment: three years. The payback period for all sections of the project will not exceed five years.

Prerequisites for the successful implementation of the project:
• support for the project by the regional and district authorities;
• a professional project management team;
• provision of human resources and premises;
• access to raw materials and commodities;
• engineering and construction support;
• information provision;
• marketing support;

The needed investment amount is $ 500,000
These funds will be spent on:
• registration of land ownership;
• building infrastructure;
• conducting research;
• engineering construction of the premises and complex ground works.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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