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A service, which stores messages of needs and offers of private and corporate clients, as well as subscriptions to the notice of customers.

The Database of Synapse service is designed for storage of ads and subscriptions to the following types of needs and offers:

- Selling, buying, car rental;
- Selling, buying spare parts for cars;
- Selling, buying, rental housing and facilities.

Center Services will be expanded to cover a wide range of market announcements.

What is Synapse service for, how it is going to work and what will be good for consumers? Synapse service is designed for rapid provision of information to persons interested in the suggestions and needs of the population, declared their needs and offers to Synapse service. Its main feature is the automation of the process of providing information on the advertisements. Some customers announce their proposals, and other customers announce their needs, they are all added to the database. With a certain interval Synapse service analyzes advertisement placement needs and customers’ offers.

When performing analytical procedures of ads and finding common interests of the needs and proposals the service will notify the customers. Messages will be sent to the e-mailbox or on a mobile phone via SMS. The message will be sent only to one client, for which there is a convergence of interests. This will be the client who gave the announcement later. The sequence of advertisements does not matter.

Synapse aims to provide timely and accurate information on the ads on any offers or requirement, available in the database. For example, the client - that is a person who, interested in selling his property, announces his estate to Synapse service (add ad).He can declare it by calling the operator on the phone to a single number, which in turn will add a client ‘s advertisement to the Synapse database. His ad will be relevant for some time.

The applicant contacts Synapse, by calling the operator, and announces his desire to buy real estate
(announces requirements), indicating the criteria of its interesting properties. Service automatically analyzes the submitted ads and in case of coincidence of interests in real estate and the criteria for buying real estate announced by customers, informs the customer, who have placed an ad last (in this case, a client who is looking for real estate) to its e-mail or mobile phone via SMS - messages.

The client who receives such a message may request details of the person, who filed the announcement of the sale of real estate, by sending an SMS indicating the four-digit numbers, which will be sent to him earlier. Contact information will be sent to him in case of a positive balance on its account (account is in the Synapse database). With a sufficient amount of the customer's account Synapse sends him to the e-mail address or phone contact information of the owner, selling the property.

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