Investment Needed for Distribution of Herbal/Pharmaceutical Products

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I'm open for a loan of USD 100,00,00.00 at lower interest rate for 5-10 years. However, I’d also offer equity at 30% to a silent investor.

Holding all necessary certificates and registration in order to import and market Herbal/pharmaceutical products in the Rep. of Kyrgyzstan, active in marketing of 6 products in the Rep. of Kyrgyzstan. Need funding for research, improve sales networking, new products registration and moving on to next nation. CIS nations 90% of pharmaceutical products come from as import, hence the market size is large, can offer 30% equity.

Trade with Pharmaceuticals:

We are in the business of import and distribution of Pharmaceutical, Ayurveda, Herbal & Food supplementary products to the Republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan. We are located in Republic of Kyrgyzstan and are authorized to import & market pharmaceutical products. We are currently selling 6 products, 5 more products are under registration process, 12 more products need immediate registration (products being identified) yet to start documentation process.

Opportunity for promotion of Medical Tourism:

Central Asian Countries (CIS) do not have many modern hospitals. A few have come up in the recent past but they are very expensive for the local standards. Therefore, patients have to look for hospitals in Russia or Europe, but both places are expensive and far away. India on the other hand has advantages like modern facilities at affordable prices and good connection between New Delhi and many Central Asian Countries (It can be reached with 2.45 hours by air). We are in negotiations with few leading multi-speciality hospitals in New Delhi for their association with us. We need funds for setting up an office and running a marketing team in all 4 countries.

Competitive Advantage

90% of their pharmaceutical products are being imported, as of now there are no large scale local manufactures. Hence, these markets are promising and offer great import opportunities. We have identified the Indian-made products as best value for money in these regions.

On a later stage one can participate in the tender process of international agencies and local government for large supply.

Rationale for the deal

India happen to be well known advanced herbal,pharmaceutical and food supplementary manufacturers and exporters base for rest of the world, therefore sourcing advanced technology based quality products is an advantage, and Indian products are appreciated by CIS large size population as 'value for money products' (European products are expensive, Chinese products are cheaper, Indian products are in the middle - value for money product) which has scope for large size markets.

The mark ups are around 200-500%, hence one can find healthy profit ratio if invested in right ratio, we are beginning to taste success after many years of sustained efforts in these regions.

Use of financing

• Research, improving marketing network, inventory & sales computerisation, registration of new products and expanding to nations like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan & Tajikistan and of course working capital.
• Securing suppliers in India in a way of signing long term agreements which need funding support from us (in which one can find better pricing and products quality/stability).
• Setting up marketing, research & training offices and team for medical tourism in all 5 nations (including India)

Opportunity for the investor

I'm open for a loan of USD 100,00,00.00 at lower interest rate for 5-10 years. However, I’d also offer equity at 30% to a silent investor.

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