Excellent and Affordable Residential Project with Very High ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Building a great affordable residential building in a high demand location with prices lower than average and excellent space for apartments

Looking to purchase a piece of land/real estate for a price of almost 30% less than on-going real estate prices to build a 10 stories (2 appartment per floor) residential building.

Selling price is also 30-35% less than selling price in same area (center of Beirut - Lebanon).

$4M is the amount needed for purchase and construction. Project will sell itself before finishing in 2014. Expected selling of 80% of project in 2012.

Return on investment is minimum 10% per year for a minimum of 3 years, maximum 5.

Competitive Advantage

Relatively cheaper selling price than market value which will make the project practically sell itself in teh first year of construction phase

Rationale for the deal

Very good return on investment

Use of financing

Investment needed to purchase land and construction. Needed is 12 months grace period, after that will begin repaying accordingly for a maximum of 2 years. In 3 years all amount will be reimburssed with interest.

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