Equity Investment Opportunity in Partnership Offer for Real Estate

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The main objective of this project is to design models and build low cost / affordable high density multi-storey apartments.

Liberia is a newly emerging and secure market. The country is rebuilding by developing bridges, roads, residential and commercial buildings, and more. Our Ltd is therefore looking forward in meeting this demand by the year 2015 with 200 three bedroom apartments units and commercial buildings for international agencies relocating to Liberia after the civil war like the world bank, IMF, etc.


• To provide different models of residential multi-storey apartment with high density;
• To provide residential multi-storey apartments built by sustainable, low cost and local building materials;
• To develop a pilot project of 200 housing units for multinational agencies in Liberia within the port city by Buchanan demonstrating land use management techniques
• To analyse the housing models cost accessibility by cooperative members

Target market:
• Foreign agencies: IMF, World Bank, UNMIL, International Banks
• Government Workers: Port workers, Private companies etc.
• Individuals: Families, Schools and Institutions

Revenue Generation: Lease, Rent and Sale

Project Progress:
• Land demarcation
• Raw materials: stones, sand, water source have been provided

Project Time: 5 years

Advantages: Cheap labour, low cost raw materials, etc.

Funding Needs: Joint Partnership

Payback: 15 years

Rationale for the deal

The main objective of this project is to design models and build low cost / affordable high density multi-storey apartments and therefore propose operational mechanisms/modalities on how affordable housing can be provided to, accessed and leased by Multinational agencies.

It can be noted here that there are many project designs and proposals nationwide that can be implemented but without implementation modalities or even enabling mechanisms for would-be beneficiaries to access them. This project proposal goes beyond design to attempt to propose appropriate mechanisms that can be used to have the beneficiaries access this finished project.

Opportunity for the investor

We would like to offer to interested parties an equity investment opportunity.

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