Concrete Production in West Africa, The Manor River Region

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Liberia Liberia
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $620,000 / min. $400,000

Investment Opportunity

Barleeinternational will be involved with the production of concrete blocks, bricks, pavers and roofing ties. We are requesting this fund to put our ideas into practical use for constructing a modern concrete factory in Liberia. If this Factory is constructed, it will be able to serve the entire Manor River Region by providing durable concrete products to its markets. The markets that include the state of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, shall be a high potential and profitable market for these products.

We can also ensure any of our investors that their investment will yield a good return in a very short payback period and will be risk free. Please take a good look at the attached business plan and contact us through this website.

This project which shall start implementing its manufacturing, distribution and marketing plan in Liberia as its short term goal, will also proceed in the markets of Sierra Leone and Guinea after a period of three years in operation in Liberia, at which time the products will be recognized in the entire region.

Our payback period to any of our potential investor(s) will fall between 3 to 5 years of normal operation of the business. We also expect to always extend our production to give us an economies of scale in order to be the market leader in this region with the said products.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is that we will be the first firm to go into such a mass production in the concrete products industry using modern technology in this region. We have reasonalbe labor factor and the expertise to carry on all the production.

Our long term and indirect competitors in the region, however, shall be other constructing firms that are producing their own finished products and wooden housing facilities. We also focus on our long term competitors such as private blocks producers in the region with local and manual production lines that are already providing the region with 20% of the existing products. And, as the market gets more profitable, we will expect other players to enter the market as the market has proven to be perfectly competitive market that we can not monopolize.

Rationale for the deal

Barleeinternational has recoginzed the opportunity gap that has been open for the past years in this part of West Africa. We recognized that with our presence in this region, where there is no durable concrete production, we will make the best use out of our resources and investment. We have segmented our market among concrete products users such as public construction firms, private construction firms, sewer system products, private homes and concessionall real estate owners.

Our distribution channels will be based on liaising with distribution depots in various cities and towns where major construction projects are to be located.

Use of financing

The requested funds in this business plan will be used for the following purposes:

1) For the purchasing of factory land and processing of legal documents with the state authority
2) For the purchasing of factory equipment that will be used for the manufacturing purposes.
3) Initial working capital (salaries and wages, overhead costs,and miscellaneous)

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