Investment Opportunity to Construct a Recreational Center

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Provide a fun-filled experience to families. Funds will be used to purchase the proposed site, equipment, construction, to its first year of operation with 62% ROI.

This company will focus its efforts on the development of family entertainment centres and to provide quality family entertainment activities to Malawians.
Recognizing that being together as a family and participating in various activities as a family is a precious experience. We are there to take advantage of this expanding and profitable industry.

Apart from going to the beautiful Lake Malawi, Malawians lack family entertainment centres where they can go as a family to have fun. Nowadays people are not only interested in buying material things but also buying the unforgettable fun filled experience. Our aim, is to fill this gap.

We will start by constructing a recreation centre which will accommodate children and adults too of all abilities.This will be a tool to be used in the fight against all kinds of discrimination as the owner is also a physically challenged person.
Children playing together regardless of their abilities will help them have mutual respect from a tender age which once imparted to them cannot be lost when growing up.
This will keep children out of trouble by giving them something to do and keeping them busy. Playing will engage their minds with clean activities which is good in moral development of kids.

This centre will include both indoor and outdoor activities so that it should be in business all year round. The indoor playground will cater for children aged 13 years and below. The outdoor activities will cater all ages and abilities. Both play areas will have soft equipment with extensive padding and no sharp edges. On the premises the company will also build a small restaurant to serve food and beverages at a cost, and a merchandise and souvenir stand. For family celebrations, such as birthdays and special occasions, we will offer private party rooms hosted by trained staff to provide a child everything he/she would want on a birthday - time of supervised fun on the play structures, cake and ice cream, snacks and soft drinks.

Revenue will be realized from the entry fee, and a fee for service revenue model will be used on outdoor activities (swimming pool, train track rides, bumper cars, water car track rides) and games where the fee will vary depending on the equipment being used and the time taken, restaurant and gift shop.

We are requesting for an investment amounting to USD$320,000.00. These money will fund the whole project from acquisition of the proposed site, equipment, actual construction, to its first year of operation.
The amount of capital to be raised will determine the size of the facility and the type of equipment to be installed.

The anticipated revenue of this business in its first year of operation is USD 140,000.00 and expected to increase up to USD 185,000 in its second year. This means the capital (loan/investment) together with the interest can be paid back within 4 years of operation with payments beginning 1 year or 6 months after opening. This period has been calculated in consideration of all the unforeseen circumstances without which the money can be paid in much less time than the indicated.

Competitive Advantage

This facility will be the first of its kind in Malawi, therefore we rule out direct competition.
The competition we may face can be from the restaurants within the city because we are also going to have a restaurant to provide food and snacks on our premises. Also some restaurants have playgrounds for kids below 12 years old and the kids are used to going there .

This facility will be far much better because it is going to cater for the whole family including children above 12 years. This will be an advantage because families cannot separate the kids but let them play and have fun at one location.

This advantage will be maintained by introducing more activities for the whole family so that people should not get used to the same experience/activities.

Rationale for the deal

The survey conducted indicates a readily available market and success is guaranteed as this will be the first of its kind in Malawi so for now we can rule out competition. This is great on our part as we have to work on how to satisfy the demand.

The centre will be constructed in Blantyre which is the commercial city of Malawi and has a high population of medium income families. With this in mind, our plan is to reduce the entry fee so that many people are able to gain access to see for themselves and be able to participate because once inside they are also going to be required to pay a fee before accessing any equipment. This will allow the facility to market itself.

The experience I have is in fund raising for beauty pageants, organizing live music shows and organizing parties. Will use that to help market the facility as every month will be organizing shows like dancing competitions etc.

Use of financing

The investor's capital will be used from purchasing the proposed site, equipment, the actual construction and some other expenses as listed below;
Purchase of site;
Purchasing equipment;
Shipping of equipment from manufacturer (China) to the nearest port (Dar es salaam);
Handling and road transportation of containers containing equipment from Dar es salaam to Blantyre;
Paying custom duty of the equipment;
Standby generator;

We believe that once the capital is raised as indicated, this will be enough and for the growth the business is going to fund itself.

Opportunity for the investor

We are requesting for an investment/loan amounting to USD 320,000.00.
These money (the loan) plus the interest will be paid back within 4 years after opening with payments beginning 1 year or 6 months after opening. This period has been calculated in consideration of all the unforeseen circumstances, without which the money can be paid in much less time than the indicated.

The 4 years pay back period has been calculated using the 64% interest rate. We are not fixed on this but we are very flexible depending on the discussions/negotiations with our investors.

We are comfortable with a silent investor, as we know, we are more than capable to produce great results but we have already indicated we are very open and very flexible as to how best we can do this in order to leave both sides happy and satisfied with the deal.

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