An Inventor of a New Innovative Sanitary Product Looking to Sell

Opportunity Snapshot

Toilet Cleaning Tool

Investment Opportunity

Angel investment sought for a state of the art sanitary tool (toiletry) that will enable individuals to open and close, flush the toilet without pressing a button.

I have invented a state of the art sanitary tool (toiletry) that will enable individuals to open and close, flush the toilet without pressing a button or twisting the flushing handle and the toilet seat plus cover. I am seeking angel investment of $55000 as start-up capital. Investors are promised a ROI of 65% in year one or I am also offering up to 35% equity to investors.

Executive Summary:

Apart from surviving, answering the call of nature is a must for all people. It can be delayed, but never avoided since it an integral function of homeostasis. The manner in which this call is answered differs from one person to another because of inequalities in life. Some affluent people use comfortable toilets with buttons while others go to the bush because they cannot afford a toilet. The problem however is that both come in contact with germs through touching toilet handles, seats, rids tissue paper and fecal matter. The case is much worse with the poor who do not have running water and toilets for proper disposal of feacal matter. As such the health of these people is compromised.

Having seen this,a person I know has invented a tool that allows an individual to open/close the toilet and flash without touching it. He is a graduate Social Worker who has worked as a researcher for Catholic Relief Services assessing the status of Catholic schools across the country. It is during this time when he discovered that most schools have poor sanitation and hygiene facilities. Cases of diarrhea, dysently and worm infestations were high among students. That was when he took it upon himself to solve the problem.

Besides being a Social Worker, David has micro and small business experience. He took courses like entrepreneurship, economics, and small business management. In particular, he combined skills as a broker, business development officer with a group of 6 women, secured funding for their small businesses and helped them with book keeping as part of his fourth year project which was successful. He brings passion, determination, selfless commitment and entrepreneurial and inventive competence to this venture.

The Toyshift:

The toyshift is a ground breaking sanitary tool which can be manufactured and deployed on a large scale at a low cost. The toyshift has been designed to work both as a stand alone and as an auxilially function of modern toilets by prominent toilet manufacturers.

How to use it:

Contact with parasites, germs is high in any toilet because parasites are by nature hard to avoid contact with. However, the toyshift eliminates two important contacts including:

• Flashing
• Opening/ closing the toilet seat.
• It may be equipped with lighting in case there is a blackout or no electricity in the toilet at all (as in the developing world)


• The toyshift has been designed using simple principles of mechanical advantage thus does not use electricity. When equipped with the lighting option, the energy is produced by the toilet independent of power from the house circuit. Thus it is ideal for the poorest and saves energy unlike its counterparts by Caroma, Toto etc.

• The toyshift allows all users i.e. children, handicapped, elderly to have a go in the toilet unlike its counterparts that suit the able bodied better. As such it is an all inclusive package.

• Most important is that an individual using the toyshift does not touch the toilet. Almost all existing toilets do not have this feature (You still have to press the electric buttons and lift the lid or twist the flush handle).

• The toyshift offers the luxury, the hygiene to all that improves overall health. Necessary good and human right that is only affordable to the few rich at present.

• There is no need to remove the billions of toilets worldwide,just customize them!

Use of financing

The money will be used for developing a commercial proto-type/pre-production prototype, legal documentation, marketing and licensing.

Opportunity for the investor

The toy-shift will go viral once in production. Investors should expect 60-100% ROI in year 1.

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