Investment Needed for Databoard to Manage IoT Data in DT Free Zone

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Looking for investment into our company for various IoT applications including Defense, Resources + eCommerce (in Malaysia's recently launch Digital Free Trade Zone).

We are looking to transfer ownership of our technology into a new company in Malaysia with new investors.

Up 40% post-money equity will be offered in exchange for up to RM 2.2 Million [US$500,000] investment.

Оur product was originally created as a collaboration software for command & control and project management applications.

Competitive Advantage

With a fresh injection of capital from new investors:

Our new company can transform our product into a data-rich & visually engaging dashboard that integrates software APIs from various sensor data management platforms, big data platforms and incorporates cloud-based analytics / AI.

End user organisations will be able to seamlessly manage their Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and derive actionable intelligence to improve their operations.

Rationale for the deal

High payback on investment within 2 years.

Cutting edge area with high demand from corporate and government organisations to visualise and manage their big data from sensors and databases. Our visual and interactive tool will provide them significant operational efficiency and related savings.

Use of financing

RM 1.3 Million [US$300,000] required to be paid to us in order to acquire IP (PCT Patent Filed), Source Code and related Equipment, which will be transferred to the new company upon full payment.

These funds will be used to pay off existing financial obligations that we have accrued over the past year in order to develop our product.

The balance RM 0.9 Million [US$200,000] to be raised would be used as follows:
• Software development (Combination of outsourced and in-house staff) to enhance, tailor and re-position our product as described above and secure contracts by end of Q3 2017.

• Cover the minimum operational costs which includes admin, payroll, rental and development / marketing team & professional services (legal, IP, finance / tax).

Opportunity for the investor

Up 40% post-money equity will be offered in exchange for up to RM 2.2 Million [US$500,000] investment.

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