Gold Investment Project: Subscribing To Convertible Preferred Stocks

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

VGMC is a gold investment company involved in gold mining, located in Panama as an international off-shore tax-free centre.

In the industry since 1999 the company is operating in some parts of Africa and South America. It is now more focused on the distribution of shares (shareholders) online through a form of cooperation in gold mining projects.

About the company:
- Registered in Panama (international offshore tax-free)
- In operations since 1999
- Focus on investments @ venture biz in gold mining
- Location: South America & Africa

VGMC offers convertible preferred stocks (cps)
- Target funds: USD 5b
- Unsubscribe after 45 days active shareholder
- Withdrawal: min USD 500 – max USD 50,000 per transaction
- Any bank worldwide with swift code

Maximizing the value of your funds through 3 choices:-
1. Shareholder (fix monthly dividend)
2. Online Gold Trader - Absolutely no market risk (trading profit)
3. Introducer Agent (commission)

Convertible preferred stocks details:
- CPS is available for a limited time only and is open on first-come, first served basis. So why wait? Act now! Online World Wide Subscription is open from 01 January 2010.
- CPS offers dividend in OZ of GOLD and convert to credit with gold Spot Price.
- What is CPS - you will turn to Common Shares Holder with will double up the share price.
- Target listing / IPO by 2015.

How to start:
1. Online Pre-Registration with SMS report.
Contact us and we will provide you with the link to register. New shareholders are required to be referred by a current shareholder.
The referrer acts as a referee of the new shareholder. This works similarly as when you apply for financial facilities from global financial institutions.
2. Request Credit Top-up.
a) International wire transfer
b) Local agent
c) Internal credit transfer
3. Online Subscribe Share.
4. Online Gold Trading.
5. Enjoy your return/profit.

Competitive Advantage

Why are dividends paid in units of gold?
As a gold mining company, it is natural that returns come in units of gold. Returns being paid in gold also help in safeguarding the interests of both the company and our shareholders.

Invest with Confidence, Control, Convenience and Care. Convenient & trendy (fully e-commerce) it's so easy... with just a click.

Rationale for the deal

Targeting will be listed in the IPO (Initial Public Offering) in 2015.VGMC offers a form of stock known as the Convertible Preferred Stock (CPS) to anyone who is interested to buy it since it opened on Jan 1, 2010 with the price of $ 0.80 per unit. Year 2010 was a particularly significant year for VGMC that has attracted more 75,000 new shareholders since it was offered to the public around the world. Now CPS is a $ 1.40 price per unit. The CPS will be given dividends ounces of gold every month until the target year 2015 VGMC floated in the IPO, as well as getting access to credit by the amount of shares purchased and can be traded online (online trading).

Use of financing

Target funds – USD 5b
Target listing / IPO by 2015

Opportunity for the investor

Investors - Risk Factors

There is actually no real risk in subscribing to VCMG's Convertible Preferred Stocks (CPS). 

First of all, CPS can be unsubscribed by giving the company prior notice for a full refund. If any shareholder is dissatisfied with how the company is being run, they may take back their capital investment; thus eliminating any further risk. In any case, CPS holders receive guaranteed monthly dividend payments and provided gold remains at around $1,000/oz, are expected to recover their investment within 1 year.

Secondly, even if the gold price plummets, Virgin Gold will not face any difficulty in fulfilling its dividend payment obligation to CPS holders as the dividend is paid in gold. The only difference is that CPS holders might have to wait longer to recover their initial investment because when the gold price is low, the monetary value equivalent is also lower.

The only possible risk is of Virgin Gold going bankrupt. However, a company the size of Virgin Gold involved in gold exploration and mining has never been liquidated unless there is massive mismanagement. Our corporate values, governance policy and structure ensure that decisions are evaluated and monitored at almost every level of this corporation. Thus the risk of Virgin Gold ceasing operations can be ruled out. Moreover, Virgin Gold in particular has not been known for taking unnecessary risks. In fact we have proved ourselves to be a rigorous and financially disciplined corporation over the past decade. This corporation has never over-committed itself to projects that might not be profitable or dependent on a high gold price.

In the worst scenario of liquidation, CPS holders enjoy priority distribution of the company's assets over common share holders. So the risk of investors losing their investment is seriously negligible.

Nevertheless, it is still advisable for any potential investors to take advice from their qualified local financial and legal advisors before subscribing to VGMC's Convertible Preferred Stocks.

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