Maldivian Atoll Council Looking for Partner to Start Up Chicken Farm

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Maldives Maldives
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $100,000 / min. $80,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Starting a chicken farm in the North Ari atoll of the Maldives would be a successful business. We are looking for a good partner/investor to join us.

As part of the decentralized system in the Maldives the local councils were formed under the act of Local Government system (2010). Local councils are elected by the people of the Maldives. There are three types of local councils in the Maldives: island councils (elected by island people), Atoll councils (electing by the Atoll) and city councils (electing by the city residents).

We are the Atoll Council of North Ari atoll of the Maldives located in the middle of the Maldives, consisting of 8 inhabited islands and 12 tourist resorts. The population of our atoll is 9000 people. The main responsibilities of our council are to monitor the works of the Island Council and to create convenient environment to our people. We have the full authority to invest in a business on our behalf and to initiate the development of projects in our atoll.

Now we are compiling our development plan for next 5 years and there are already some investment areas we have decided to focus on. One of the investments planned is starting a chicken farm in our atoll as there are 12 tourist resorts on it and most of the products are being imported from other countries. We believe that the chicken farm will be very successful as it would be a unique business in the Maldives. We can guarante very high demand for the chicken farm products, coming from the tourist resorts and the local people.

This is a very new business in the Maldives and it would be a very successful one as chicken eggs demand is rapidly increasing. We are looking for a trusted investor to design and establish a modern farm. We are planning to start a farm with the capacity of 40,000 eggs per week.
Interested parties please contact me on Merar and then, via email, and I will provide you with the business plan.

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