Equity Investment Needed to Stat Up a Sea Transportation Business

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

- A transportation business with various sea vessels provided to businesses and local citizens
- Fund to have a partnership
- A business development opportunity

- Products & Services: Speedboat (25 capacity) to provide quality and money efficient transportation for businesses and locals
- Businesses in and around Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives (tourist resorts and other businesses) and locals of Lhaviyani atoll and nearby other atolls travelling to and from other atolls (Lhaviyani is the closes atoll to the capital of Maldives, Male'). If two speedboats can be funded, one speedboat could be operated in Kaafu Atoll where the capital is and where high tourism activities take place.

People prefer to travel by sea than seaplanes due to the cost difference
- Marketing: Proposals to businesses, taking part in travel exhibitions, social media, word of mouth, flyers, pop-up advertisements, taking customer feedback
- Sales: to implement a proper sales organization with effective and measurable tools, to effectively measure the sales, implementing customer feedback to make service better, to implement promotions, to expand the business further
- Customer service: High quality product (high quality speedboat with 2 high quality engines), money efficient service (current businesses charge higher than actual market value), customer feedback platforms, efficient customer service agents, a professional outlook of the company (company logo, company name, uniforms, easily accessible contact platforms, easy ticket booking services/ platforms)
- Goal is to be the highest quality speedboat services in the Maldives that is money efficient and is customer service oriented. Expect to expand the business further with successful acceptance from the public
- The business is planned and needs funds to begin. Registration and agreements will be done once two parties agree on a partnership
- 1 month: Business registration, 3 months: set up an organization (administrative areas and operational areas), marketing, bring in the speedboat(s) and implement human resources (hire employees - 3 crew members and decide salary), 4 months: start the business. Milestones: Expand the business within 2 years' time around the Maldives and introduce other sea vessels to the business including cargo boats, fishing boats and ferries
- Funding is needed for the whole business to start (the products - speedboat(s) and marketing tools). The investor will get the opportunity to begin a business that is of high in demand in an area of Maldives that is developing at a very fast phase. This is also an opportunity for the investor to be exposed to other large tourism and fishing businesses who will likely approach for business deals. A fair share of 60% or negotiable amount to the investor.

Competitive Advantage

- Competitors: Current speedboat businesses, ferries and seaplane
- How we are different: We will introduce a speedboat that is of higher quality, costs less to maintain and for fuel consumption, as well as customer oriented and money efficient service
- Sustaining competitive advantage: Have the product insured, be loyal to customers, ensure efficiency in providing service, have measurable data, study the market on regular basis

Rationale for the deal

- Opportunity: Because of the high demand, current businesses charge customers more than the market value. However we will do our prices more convenient for the customers based on this fact
- High Quality Service + Less price = customer satisfaction = word of mouth = loyal customers + new customers
- Not many competitors see this as an opportunity so they follow the same strategies as others
- Have been a customer in this business for a long time. I work for the tourism industry and have to travel around a lot. The quality of service do not meet the prices and nor is valuable

Use of financing

- Expenses: Speedboat (187000 USD), initial staff salary for 1 captain and 2 crew (3000 USD), Fuel (10,000 USD)
- Require 1 round of financing

Opportunity for the investor

- Equity: Offering fair share of 60% or negotiable profit amount for the investor
- Require either hands on or silent investor
- Installment schedule to be proposed on negotiations with investor

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