Investment Needed for Two Construction Projects in Mongolia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for potential financer, construction company or manufacturer who is able to cooperate/invest on our two ongoing projects.

Our company was established in 2003. Our main activities are heating, clean water supply, sewage water treatment in residential housings and apartments. We have done many infrastructure projects. We are looking for potential financer, construction company or manufacturer who is able to cooperate on our 2 on-going projects:

Project #1: Residential

This is the first residential (House) area to successfully connect to the city’s central heating and water system. It consists of 162 house residents. There are few different types of housings, varying from single-family house to multi-family residential in which all of them are 2 stories tall. The whole residential area, including the parking area is 0.11 square kilometres (27.18 acre).

Current progress of the project:
• 5 kilometres of car road
• 9 kilometres of side road throughout the residential
• 120 solar powered light stands installed
• Building foundation of 162 family houses
• Water and heating line installations are finished
• 40 completed housings in which all of them are sold and occupied

Our proposal to investors:
The project needs a potential investor or company who is able to complete the remaining project parts. This includes one of the following:
• To finance, to build, to supply materials for remaining 117 family
• Financing a total of approximately USD 3.5 million
• Estimated project duration: 1 year
• Our proposing profit of total finance: 50% ( USD 1.75 million)

Project #2: Apartments

The project name was chosen due to the fact that a model 5-floor apartment has 24 households. At the moment, we have successfully finished and sold 7 apartment buildings.

Our proposal to investors:
The project needs a certain amount of construction cost except the 30% payment to fulfil the entire building process from the investor or the company. So one of the following can be done by the investor:
• Finance
• Supply construction materials
• Build
Estimated 1 project duration: 1 year

In 2016, we are planning to build 10 apartment projects. Construction cost of one apartment building without the 30% is USD 300,000. So 300,000 x 10 = USD 3 million in total.

Our proposing profit for total of 10 apartments: 50% (USD 1,5 million)

Opportunity for the investor

For the 2 projects, the total finance will be USD 6.5 million. We offer profit of USD 3.75 million.
For your financial safety we offer the following condition for payment return: Open LC (Letter of credit) of Mongolian commercial bank
Further detail in the attached files

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