Rehabilitation of Laundry Services Site in Mozambique

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Mozambique Mozambique
  • Industry: Retail Trade
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $1,000,000 / min. $1,000,000
  • ROI: 100% in 5 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

We are a Mozambican company that provides laundry services, gardening and general cleaning since 1986 and has established two branches in Maputo. With the currenr project we aim to modernize one of our branches by replacing the old equipment with modern one in order to optimize the process and the performance of the site.

Our first laundry site, the company's headquarters, is located at Josina Machel Avenue, in the MBS Shopping Centre.

In October 2007, we became one of the best laundries in the country with the assembly of the laundry Mall branch in MBS, where the equipment has pioneered in Mozambique in terms of modern technology from processing to the automatic search of laundry processed.

The branch provides Janitorial cleaning services to homes and offices, including:
- Cleaning of mats, carpets, sofas and diverse items
- Washing and polishing of all types of floors
- Washing of vehicles’ interiors
- Cleaning of sewers and turbines
- Industrial cleaning
- Cleaning and treatment of water tanks and pools
- Design, renovation maintenance of gardens

Our cleaning services are performed under contract diaries, journals and specific requests.

The current project is about reconstruction of our second laundry site.

With this new site, we can open several depots of clothing laundry in various parts of the cities of Maputo and Matola.

Our vision is to increase the level of competitiveness and credibility at national and regional levels, and become the market leader of laundry and cleaning in the next five years.

To achieve our goal, we hereby request a partner to invest USD, 1.000.000 in our business.

Rationale for the deal

In recent years, Mozambique has become internationally popular for its energy and mineral resources that are being discovered all over the territory, especially coal and natural gas. These resources have attracted many investors to Mozambique interested in leveraging them within their projects. The Maputo Province in particular has felt these effects and is now experiencing a rapid growth in its industrial, commercial, and residential services.

In order to meet the needs of the new customers in the city of Matola, and as in the case of large factories, hotels, condominiums, clinics, garment industries, events, educational institutions and many others, we plan to rehabilitate our laundry site turning it into a modern industrial Laundromat equipped with internationally accepted quality standards. Furthermore, we wish to introduce new services such as dry cleaning, laundry services to hospitals, solid waste collection, septic tanks cleaning, and fumigation services.

Use of financing

The funding will be used for the construction of a building from scratch at the place where the laundry is located right now, as well as for the purchase of equipment for the laundry and cleaning services, of vehicles for collecting and delivering clothes to the household, anding perform cleaning and fumigation services.

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