The New Benchmark in Mozambique Proposed Five Star Resort Development

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Developing the first of a kind exclusive five star residential tourism units within the operational concept of a five star resort including a golf course. Exclusive five star residential tourism units for investment, this units will be a business registered within a business thus the investor bough a unit but is making a profit.

As we all know Mozambique is the fastest growing country in Africa with the highest percentage economic growth rate of which tourism is one of the main contributors, still what can all the resorts offers you? After two years of research the founders of Manta Resort realized that of all the resorts currently in the Inhambane area there is not but one able to supply the huge international market requests. So we decided now is the time to start a new trend and what is easier doing so with all the marketing the other resorts did? Then the idea of an exclusive five star resort.

The whole concept in place, and all the legal work in order. Now it is time for investors. This brought forward a new problem, people are skeptic to invest into Mozambique....why? Losing millions and millions of rand’s due to the fact that they have been promised legal paperwork and safe investments, the government came and one fine after another being issued making it impossible for the resorts to survive.

This is where the founders of Manta Resort came with an excellent idea. Making the investment as secure as possible within the legal parameters of the legislation, now you can invest, an intern contract is drawn taken to the government, notarized published. You have your own company within the concept! No more timeshare, no more service fees and no more levies to be added. Fine we need funds to maintain the resort, yet another great idea.

Keep the resort fully occupied, what is easier than keeping a five star resort fully occupied? Developing the resort big enough yet small enough accommodating only 192 heads per day!! We take 50% of the accommodation you taking the other 50%. Now you can get your investment back within minimum five years running and thereafter make profit. Now the golf course yet another great idea for keeping the resort fully occupied. This investment will cost you US$715'000.00 once off, thereafter NO monthly or yearly fee's. Now we discovered to sell the concept we need promising facilities keeping the individual, family and business groups busy.

No more just diving holiday’s try some jet skiing, paragliding, surfing or if you want to relax play some golf. Have a wife complaining about the heat; send her to the wellness centre for a nice treat! Fine this sounds very promising and for those of you who already came to Mozambique but went home disappointed, this is why the founders of Manta Resort signed a contract, promising each other that there will be absolutely no false marketing, no promises made which cannot be reached.

The additional funding will be put into our facilities including the golf course and putting us in a position to allow investments only on invitation.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

Inhambane is declared as the Capital City of Tourism in Mozambique, yet there is not a resort able to supply the huge international market request. We are the first five star resort to be developed in the surrounding area, thus we have no competitors, and Guinjata Bay is a well-known bay for tourist. Still the South Africans are the only tourist here and even they leave for home disappointed. Why? Because, the accommodation is the same as 15years ago. No upgrading. No putting their money back into their investments. No. This makes Manta Resort Ltd the safest investment in the vicinity. And more our entity is registered as a franchise, giving us right to develop the same concept in all of Mozambique.

Rationale for the deal

We at Manta Resort now have an opportunity to set a new trend. Doing research showed that tourist is tired of coming to the old Mozambique and questions kept on coming on why is the economy growing but still the tourism industry stagnated, can it be that they are afraid of change or maybe they just fell into the hole. Or is it because they do not have any competition making them realize it is now time to change and upgrade, creating more opportunity for growth in the Mozambican economy. Still with all the old deteriorated neglected resorts in the vicinity come high season everybody is fully booked. Why? The tropical weather of Mozambique and the tranquil surroundings makes this a dream for any holiday maker.

Making money when you are the only resort supplying what the market requests is easy, doing it with marketing that has been done for you...what can be easier? At a rate of US$140 per person per night sharing accommodation 192 persons for 365 days a year and then the a la carte beach restaurant and bar, plus all the activities. Say it is a difficult year and we can only manage to keep the resort occupied for 183 days a year, our running cost will be of a minimum yet still able to maintain the resort and keep it up to standard.

Use of financing

The maximum required investment will be put towards development of the entire resort including marketing. The minimum required investment is available to either buy 20% shares or invest into a residential tourism unit. These funds will be used to start the development of the resort (the first residential unit and the facilities) and to expand our marketing. We came with the great idea, invested in the land and put all the documents needed together, now we are ready to open the investment to the public. We have one of two options available for the investors, to buy 20% shares for only US$715'000.00 and within a maximum time period of 2years introduce 4 residential tourism unit investors.

Each residential tourism unit investment is in the market for US$715'000.00. Here you have one of two options first you can invest 50% upfront and the other 50% after unit is handed over or you can invest 50% and the balance will be paid to the resort through accommodation before a three year time period this means that for the next three years the investor do not receive any dividends until the balance is paid off, thereafter only will he start getting his dividends.

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