Australian Infant Milk Formula Business in Myanmar with Huge Returns

Opportunity Snapshot

Infant Milk import to Asia Indian company looking for investment to obtain a L/C and start importing Australian Infant Milk Powder to Myanmar. Image courtesy: Wellwin Kwok, 2004, Flick CC.

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for an active business partner to invest in our startup business in Myanmar. We are going to launch imports of Australian Infant Milk Powder.

I am based in India and doing business in Yangon Myanmar with my business partner.

Right now we are in negotiations to import infant milk powder from an Australian company. We are looking for investors who can provide us with minimum $1 million USD at initial stage to do this transaction (open up L/C etc.) for a year basis return.

We need 30% in cash and the rest we would like to avail to open up L/C for Australian milk producer and supplier.

I would like to know your terms and conditions and documentation requirements along with your charges/markup (with no hidden or unclear expenses) based on Myanmar trading company.

P.S: Please note that we have already utilized our local banking facilities in other venture and are unable to give any bank guarantee neither advance payment to avail funds/loan from other sources.

Your prompt response in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Rationale for the deal

Myanmar is an emerging market and there are lots of projects where we could start building upon our Infant Milk trade business.

We are not looking for a silent or passive investor but for an investor who could play a vital role in our business model.

Use of financing

We will pay to obtain a Letter of credit to one of leading manufacturing companies producing Infant Milk Formula and other milk products.

The investor could use his or her own company to provide a Letter of Credit to the Australian Company.

Opportunity for the investor

I can share 50% margin with the investor. This business has a huge margin (more then 100%).

At this early stage we will give order for 60,000 infant milk formula tins of 400 grams (Stages 1 to 3).

We will also order 10,000 tins of 900 grams per stage (Stages 1 to 3).

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