Diamond Mining Rights Holder in Namibia Seeks Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Diamond mining exclusive prospective rights are held in the southern part of Namibia, near Botswana and South Africa. Samples as said carried several pieces of diamonds from which the biggest piece is approximately 3.00 mm long and weighs 4 carats.

We are currently holding an exclusive prospecting license for an area covering 16,766 hectares. The land is on a farm in a high diamondiferous kimberlite zone, and sits on the inferred cratonic area. The deposit type is kimberlites, stones that belong to the Reitfontein diamond grouping.

Tests have been carried out on the area by a Perth based geological consulting firm, Mackay and Schellmann. The primary source rock is pyrope garnets with over 70% pyrope end member.

Ten different sample points were used which carried several pieces of diamonds (not microscopic) from which the biggest piece was approximately 3.00mm long and possibly broken due to the fact that a solid state Roller Crusher was used to break up the material. Calculated from that piece, the original diamond was a four carat diamond. Other minerals were found to be present in the samples.

Further prospecting in this area is necessary and thus the need for an investor willing to acquire new deposits. An 80% stake is being offered to investors and the local Namibian company will retain a 20% stake in the venture.

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