Jungle Resort in Nepal with Good Reputation Seeks Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Nepal Nepal
  • Industry: Tourism, Recreation
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $244,444 / min. $203,696
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

Our company is going to expand its business property to increase business because tourism in Bardia is growing day by day.

So we have designed sample business proposal but can be changed investment according your interest.

Company value Rs. 19,800,000.
Extended investment: Rs. 16,500,000.
Total value after new invest: Rs: 39,600,000.
Your new investment for the company: Rs.16,500,000.
You buy old share: Rs. 3,300,000.
Current Description of the property:
Land covers: 6767.41 SM.
6 Huts: With two room attached toilet and balcony
1 Dining Hall: About 80 people capacity.
1 View tower: Two bed room for staff and terrace.
1 Umbrella.
1 Kitchen.

Estimated expenses for extend:
Seminar hall: Rs:2,500,000.
One Jeep. Rs:1,000,000.
Office in Kathmandu: Rs: 500,000
Land: 6767.41 sm. Rs:30,00,000
Web promotion Rs: 100,000.
Swimming pool: Rs.: 1,500,000.
Advertising: Rs.200,000
Solar: Rs.: 500,000.
Furniture and Fix: Rs. 600,000.
Other expenses: Rs.300,000.
Motor cycle: Rs:200,000.
Hut: 2 Rs.2,000,000.
A/C Rs.1,600,000.
Other investment expenses for 6 month and cash in hand: Rs.2,500,000.
Total: Rs. 16,500,000.
Yearly sale and profit:

Total rooms: 16.
Guest capacity: 45.
Months in operation: 10
Room occupancy per operation year: 50%
Total room occupied in the year: 150.
Package rate per night per person: USD: 75.
Common Package: 2 nights/ 3 days.
Sales: 150 Days X USD 75 X45 guest=USD: 506,250.
Operation cost: 150 Days X USD 40 X 45 guest:USD: 270,000.
Gross profit: USD: 236,250.
Other expenses: USD:136250
Administrative, Advertise, marketing, Staff salary, tax, renew and audit fees.

Net profit for the years: USD. 100,000.

Payback period: 5 years.

Note: Property every years appreciation in Nepal because of land. Of course building will be depreciation but because of business reputation value of the property go high.

Competitive Advantage

Market is worldwide.
We have already good reputation.
We can run very well our business.

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