High End Resort, Luxury Residence and Marble Exploitation

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Exceptional business opportunity in the best pacific property in Nicaragua.
High-end resort, luxury residence and marble exploitation in huge oceanfront lot.

One of the best Pacific oceanfront lots of Latin America. 9 Km of white sand and turquoise water, near one of the trendiest touristic spots, San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua. The lot is over 4000 acres (around 16,5 Km2 ), 17 km north of the city and surrounded by famous people residences and luxury hotels and resorts,one of them, listed in the hottest world destinations of 2016 by many travel guides.

The land is closer to the city and has a better overall setup.

In addition of the exceptional touristic potential, the land includes a 250 ha quarry of white marble, virgin and ready to exploit.

Based on a listing for a similar land but not as remotely interesting (small beach, ground too high, no marble quarry…), by the renowned real estate agency (the reference in waterfront properties in Nicaragua), the acre is valued at $69K.

Without counting the immense marble reserve that should significantly increase the value, the land should be valued at least at $280M.

The project is to create a company to build luxury residences to sell alongside a luxury resort/spa/golf and to exploit the marble quarry. The investment isn’t anything as near as the land’s value and local banks are ready to finance the whole project.

The partners have a $1,2M fiscal debt and an additional $800K immediate need

The partners are looking for one of these options:
1- An investor, ideally with hospitality or marble experience, to become a new partner. For the $2M that covers their total debt the partners are offering 10% of the company’s shares to the investor(s).
Any legal engagement will be supervised by any legal entity chosen by the new investor who is encouraged to visit the property and to verify the legal documents before any further implication.
Freeing the property will immediately multiply the new partner’s investment significantly. The new partner will have the as much authority over the land as the other partners who are open to any change of the initial project, including a total sale if an interesting offer is presented.

2- A joint venture, open for any offer that’ll involve a second party.

3- A complete buyout. The partners are very motivated and the buyer can end up with an exceptional deal.

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