Investment is Needed for New Device - Hydro Magnetic Separator

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This device is able to replace the main technological equipment of hydro or air enrichment technology magnetically susceptible of finely crushed minerals.

The principle is based on natural physical laws that provide better separation of the original product to its constituents. The use of this device minimizes (in some cases eliminates) the loss, reduces energy costs, reduces the consumption of water in the production, significantly lowers metalconsuming of production, and also the cost of the final product.

Funding must be in three phases on every or each of them in the range:
1. $ 100,000 - to create a prototype for the determination of quality indicators and the main characteristics of the device for further patenting
2. $ 1,000,000 - to create a semi-experienced model for quantifying the performance and cost estimates
3. $ 10,000,000 – for the organization of production and creation of designs for subsequent sale of products to order of end consumer.

At the request of the investor works may be undertaken under the direct supervision of his representative or on his territory. Investments may be ended at any stage, if the investor is not satisfied with the outcome of the work.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

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