Investment Project for Biogas Installation

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Investment Opportunity

Recycling of organic waste (100 tons / day) on pig farm by anaerobic digestion of manure runoff, with prodicing of gas, electricity and high-quality bio-fertilizers. The place is already confirmed and has support of the Administration, the business plan exist. The construction period is 1 year. Payback 4-5 years. There are 20% of our own funds.

Biogas - the most rapidly growing technology of electricity generation of the renewable energy resources in the world. The dynamics of growth of generating capacity of the Biogas plants are higher than the dynamics of all other types of alternative energy combined.

Currently, according to a "BCC" researching company, the world's total capacity of all working Biogas plants in the world exceeds 20GVt. In monetary terms, the volume of the market is about 40 billion euros.

The idea is to build a Biogas complex processing capacity of 36,000 tons of pig manure StockWat per year, which will generate:
1,08 million m3 of Biogas;
32 400 tonnes of compost.

The Biogas will be used for combining electricity and heat generation, which will annually receive:
3413 Gcal of thermal energy;
2,244,000 kWh of electricity.

The Biogas complex will be located on the territory of Ltd. "Maksimovskiy pig farm" in the Republic of Bashkortostan of the Russian Federation. Ltd. “Maksimovskiy pig farm" will also supply raw materials for Biogas plant.

Production of Biogas - one of the most popular technologies of the restored and clean energy generations. At the moment it is one of the most used technologies of "low energy generations" in the world. It is quite simple and is based on natural processes, so it can be found in almost every agricultural region of the world - from the development in Germany, Denmark and the USA to the underdeveloped regions of China, India and Nepal.

Also, Biogas technology - one of the most effective methods of processing organic waste, so the Biogas plants can be found not only in agriculture. regions, but near large cities.

The determining factor in any investment project is the experienced and qualified management. This project will be led by people with years of experience in managing of real business, specialists in technology and finance:

Freidin Victor Borisovich
General Director of “Agriculture complex"Maksimovskiy.”"
18 years of experience in business management. Chartered Engineer, a legal expert and financial manager. Since 1991, the head of several companies, including JSC "Regional Management Company (1998-2006), JSC" APK "Maksimovskiy" (from 2007).

Murashov Igor Konstantinovich
Adviser to General Director of "Agriculture" Maksimovskiy. "
33 years experience in construction and management of agro facilities. Chartered engineer. The General Director of the Bashkir Production Association of Meat Industry (1976-1995), Deputy of the General Director of Development dep. of LLC “Bashmyaso "(1995-2008), since 2007 runs at OAO “APK Maksimovskiy”.

Pavlov Yuri Valerievich
Development Director of OAO “APK Maksimovskiy ".
10-year project management experience in meat processing. Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences. Chartered Manager. He managed several leading meat processing companies (1999-2008).

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